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Hello everyone. It seems I got a Christmas present a tad late. World Of Warcraft Battle Chest.

I started this Character named Deile in a realm called Anvilmar (I think?)

Anyway, I'm a level 5 night Elf Priest, and other than doing those quests, I'm not really sure what else I can do. Maybe being such a low level there isn't much for me, but I look foreword to this game. It's a lot of fun already, and after my daughter goes to bed tonight, I'm going to hop on and see if anyone is willing to play, guide, or chat with me.

Happy Travels :)

Welcome! :D

I hope you have a good time!
At level 10 you can start to do battle grounds, though they're kind of crazy at low levels. It's not real fair for new players.

At level 15 you can start to do dungeons, which are much better and I recommend trying them.

As you travel, more will open up in the world too. At level 20 you get a mount. At 40 you can make it faster, at 60 you can fly and get to go to Outland. I could go on and on.

Welcome to the game and I hope you have fun!
You need to find a reliable friend to play the game with. To me that is the way to maximize all the fun WoW has to offer.
Leveling a Priest huh?

I just hope it goes better for you than it did for me. Boy did I drink a lot.
Welcome to the game...I hope you have a great time
The night elf starting area holds fond memories there
Welcome to the game. Roll gnome before its too late. :P

Welcome to the game! I hope you enjoy it as much as when I first set foot on the world of Azeroth and beyond! :D

Ahhh, the joys of being new to a game...
Wow starts off relatively slow to give you a chance to learn the game and its playstyle. Keep going and as you level you will be guided through many different places/scenarios. Its really awesome.

The game is very complex at higher levels, just enjoy yourself and take your time.
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Welcome to the game. Roll horde before its too late. :P

Don't listen to this talking ape. You go horde and you will die repeatably =). Welcome to the Alliance, the only faction that matters.
Good luck! Priests, rolling one you may feel the need to give up until you reach 70, then it gets much better.

Honestly, quests are a pain as a healer (I play discipline to level) and dungeons are either easy or dificult to heal until then.

Then, it's way easier and manageable.

But best of luck! Have fun! :) <3
Welcome to the game!

Leveling up as a healer isn't the best way to learn the game- I suggest picking a spec (you'll get to do this when you hit 10) that allows for damage. You'll still be able to heal, just not as well, but you'll level easier.

I also suggest trying out different toons to see what ones you like best. Don't give up on one before level 30ish though- I've found several times when I got bored of a character early on, but went back to it later, that I enjoyed them much more when they got a little higher level.

Also- you'll encounter mean people, both on the forums and in chat. Learn to use /ignore in chat, and just skip over the idiots here on the forums. Makes things much more peaceful.
Dont listen to the people saying Priest is hard to level as. They've made some changes and priests, even Holy, the supposedly hardest type to level, are ridiculously easy to quest and level as.

Anyway, welcome to the game! Welcome to Alliance! And, if you need any help with anything, I'd direct you to the New Player Help and Guides section of this website. They have some super awesome people there helping out new players with any little question they may have! :D
Thanks for the warm Welcome <3
So Priest can be a pain yeah?
Do you recommend anything else? Magic dealing prefered. What about a Shaman?

Not sure what Realm I should join either, if I shall make a different toon.

<3~Peace be within~<3

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