IVV Recruiting for Saturday Night 25-Man

In Vino Veritaas is looking to recruit dps and healers for our Saturday night 25-man. We are a pretty casual guild, so applicants need to make sure they can roll with the general harassment we give each other. It's all in fun, but it's just guild culture. =)

When raiding, we like to be serious about killing bosses while having a good time. In other words, we're not the sort of guild that's going to scream at you over vent for making a mistake, but we do want purples on a consistent basis.

Raid times are 6:00 pm pst - 10:00 pm pst on Saturday nights. Feel free to contact Geduld, Sabre, Zarganthia or Epyn for more information.

Guild web site: http://www.cof-invino.com


* A laidback personality and good attitude
* A good understanding of your class
* Understanding fight mechanics ahead of the raid
* Pro ability to make fun of Geduld and Garvax = extra points
/bump for new guildies

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