[H] Draconic Order is Recruiting DPS

Draconic Order is building up it's raiding team to Mythic proportions. We are looking for quality players who can perform their role and can maintain an 85%+ raid attendance. We strive for efficient, focused raiding while enjoying the content and comradery. Currently 6/7 normal 1/7 Heroic.

Raid Schedule
Tues, Weds & Thurs 9pm to 11:30pmest

Current Needs:
Healers -1/2 - Shaman preferred
Dps 8 spots open - Ranged - Shaman, Druid, Hunter, Mage - Melee - Rogue, Druid, Monk

Best Regards,
Battletag Bruise#1748
Nevermind lol. Welcome to thrall
Just a heads up that due to the server being insanely bloated with 10 man guilds and more transferring in weekly it's crazy hard to recruit. Having a high Horde population doesn't do much for you when there are over 200 raiding guilds. But yeah, welcome to Thrall...
Bump for Recruiting
Still looking for 3 dedicated raiders for full time core spots
Still looking
Need a Healer for progression raiding!
Bump for Raiders
Bump for our last dps spot
Need a healer
Looking for a full time healer for 5.2
Need a tank or dps look me up. Wanting to get back into solid proggression team after my break since H maddness
Need a tank or dps for thunder
Still looking for that Shaman?
Yes, yes I am

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