GulchTrotters [H] 25m Recruiting

Hi Guys,

GulchTrotters are currently recruiting people to bolster our line up so we have opened recruitment. Our guild is a semi-hardcore 25m Horde guild that has a focus on both fun and progression at the same time. We are one of two main horde raiding guilds on frostmourne and have been around since BC.

Raiding Information

Current Progression:

4/6 HM MSV
1/6 HM HoF
4/4 Terrace

We raid four times a week for four hours....

Monday: 6pm - 10pm SVT
Wednesday: 6pm - 10pm SVT
Thursday: 6pm - 10pm SVT
Sunday: 6pm - 10pm SVT

Recruitment is open for all classes at the moment however we would take particular interest to...

- Restoration/Balance Druid
- Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk
- Elemental/Restoration Shaman
- Ret Paladin
- DPS Death Knight with Blood O/S

Once again, if your class isint listed please do still try to get a hold of us as we are always looking to strengthen our ranks. The minimum ilvl we look to accept generally needs to be around the 475-480 mark however, someone with good experience that lacks a little in gear could also be considered given the little difficulty it takes to gear up.

For anymore information please contact Parobola, Shub, Zollz, Daggeroth or Wazz ingame on Horde Frostmourne, should all be unavailable, anyone in GulchTrotters will be able to point you in the right direction.

Alternatively you may add my battletag Parobola#1913 for more information :)

Update, we are 2/6 heroic in HoF
Still looking
And we are still looking.
spirit kings down!, now 5/6 msv !
H Garalon down, now 5/6 H MSV 3/6 H HoF, still recruiting all classes particularly dps and healers.
How about a youtube channel with some Gulchtrotter boss kills?
02/06/2013 12:14 PMPosted by Húrz
How about a youtube channel with some Gulchtrotter boss kills?

why thank you kind sir, bump
490 ilvl rogue keen for a trial.

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