<Band Reunion Tour> 5/13H 10m LF Nothing

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naw we good
top 3 guild approved movies
joe dirt
legally blonde 2
bucky larson: born to be a star
You forgot Spaceballs!
Bump, because my master DMX commands me to
as you can tell, for adults we're pretty hip
kids nowadays with their james taylors and long hair
Shadow priestttttttttttt
ya done did good brae
didn't do good today brae

did bad
Possibly expanding the search to hunter!

One who praises my bumping efforts plx
it has been determined that we rather have a hunter. shadow priest stink, all of them

wait a tick

i'm getting replaced!
this news comes as a shocker to me, not gonna bump this thread anymore
so we changed our minds again and aren't recruiting a hunter, i'm still getting kicked though

i don't know how they convinced me to recruit for my replacement, i'm really gullible
we want a rogue

come stealth with me
cul8r in my dreams
looking for shadow priest again
i got a siren in puzzle and dragons

brt - it's a guild
we're also really bad at helping bumping the thread

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