<Band Reunion Tour> 5/13H 10m LF Nothing

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Too busy with my puzzle dragons to bump!
i maxed out my hades brae. he's p. buff
brae, i need you to get on cosmia. i'm working on a cool outfit
My outfit got ruined by leveling and then I got ruined by leveling. T_T
i'm done, check it out. pretty fab

I have no words. You are beautiful.
Looking for a rogue or spriest!
you applying will be the greatest day of my life
Come learn the new instance with us!
i'm done, check it out. pretty fab

03/06/2013 03:21 PMPosted by Wetchips
the greatest


Someone(s) should join these fine people.
If my real life allowed, and I was good, I know I would app.
i was thinking about us last night. raiding, laughing, sharing a shy stare from across the store

so close yet so far
doing a load of whites if anyone wants to throw something in
Hi guys!. I'm Undying. i sent you a RID request I am definatly interested in your requiment thread the times the fact you use mumble instead the horrid ventrilo. And i cant believe your looking for a spriest and a rogue. We've both just had enough of a pvp realm so lop sided that we've had to resort to CRZ to get dailies done. Hit me up on RID Undying#1389. Hope to hear from you soon!
i was thinking about us last night

I like where this is going.

I hopes Undying and the rogue friend work out for BRT. I think they are only looking for one or the other.
Good evening all,

Are you still looking for a rogue ? If so, I would be interested in talking with you about being a part of Band Reunion Tour. Just moved here from Lightnings Blade and current guild doesn't seem to be interested in raiding.
schayde, please post an app in our forums and add myself/guild leader's real ids in game. we're done for the night but we can talk tomorrow
Bump for (if memory serves me correct) one of the few guilds on the server at the time to kill Sinestra when it was current content. Fight was no joke on 10man either.
your memory would be correct. 1 day before firelands.

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