Question about gear Prot Pal.

Just got back into the game and trying to relearn how to be a good tankadin. Im a bit confused about gearing tho, at the point where Im starting to look for gear to do heroics and all I find is plate with either crit/mastery or dodge/parry on it. From everything I read prot pali's are best using the control method of tanking ( hit/exp then haste/mastery) so neither of those 2 types of armor are any good. Is there someplace I can find armor with the stats I need or am I stuck going into heroics with the wrong type of armor just to get the stam and armor I need?

Give that a glance

Gear fitting that build is readily available. I am wearing mostly gear that fits that build, although I play Ret as my MS.
There isn't too much to work with from normal heroics, unfortunately.

It is safe to go towards the Sta > Hit 7.5 > Exp 15 > Haste > Mastery > Dodge = Parry build, but while leveling up it reallllly does not matter.

It is viable to go for mastery as well, although if I am tanking, I prefer haste.

There is plenty of gear in dungeons that fit either of those builds, however, I am pretty certain that once you get into LFR, unless you DPS as ret, any piece that has haste on it will be flagged as a dps item and you are not eligible.

If you are just working through normal heroics, the stats on your gear doesn't make a huge difference, just reforge for what you need - As long as you understand that this isn't okay in the long run, you will be fine.

There are a few additional pieces from the Conquest vendor, if you don't mind capping per week.... There is a 483 belt with hit/haste and a socket on it, 483 shoulders with haste/expertise, and bracers with haste/mastery.

They are not at all bad pieces for either Prot or Ret, and a few others, I just don't recall the exact stats =/

My point is there are plenty of gearing options.
There's no reason to shun dodge/parry pieces. They aren't optimal, sure, but they still give you tanking benefits.

We're not in Cata anymore where most of our tankiness was tied to gear (CTC). Take anything that doesn't have crit, and don't be one of those prots that do the cool thing, stacking haste, but then mess up their rotation badly.
Dodge and Parry aren't *bad*, they're somewhat useful and you can reforge out of them into much better stats.

I'd rather take a piece with traditional, subpar tank stats over a piece with useless crit anyday. Unless it has a lot of gem sockets or something, like Warbelt of Sealed Pods. That's a halfway decent tank item for an example, reforge the crit away and it's not bad (you should still pass to a DPS though :-P ).

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