Challenge Modes - Melee's Bane

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the only bad part for melee....when your douche mage fried novas a pack as the tank is kiting

he did it on purpose, a lot :x
As a melee I find it quite difficult to get into groups that are willing to take me. I'm constantly told "No Melees" or "Ret Paladins are useless for CM's". Its a bit frustrating but I continue my search.
Ret has some of the best heroism burst available, a long single target stun, the ability to burn with no regard to threat, and enough healing output to be able to semi-derp through some of the light to medium damage aoes that are done.

There's also blinding light, which for challenge modes, works the same as a warrior's disrupting shout or glyphed aoe fear.

But, you could always make your own group if people wont let you join theirs.
they made me tank
We went into Stormstout Brewery tonight and, for the first time in about 2 months, brought 2 melee with us — a rogue and a dk. I won't lie about the last room being a pain with the suds. I had to do a lot more direct healing & mitigation than with a range-heavy group and we had a few resets motivated by (instant) deaths.

And yet our comp was viable. We managed record kills on the first and second bosses (unfortunately on different attempts) and we signed a world 2nd best time with 8:33.

Melee classes are totally worth bringing but do require addtionnal awareness and sometimes coordination. When someone tells you they're not interested in bringing melee, tell them to stop making excuses and to step up their game. Ranged classes really are advantaged on only a small fraction of the CM encounters.

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