ppfftt.... like anyone wants a warlock on their team. Choose a real class.
Now I dont know if hes being extremely sarcastic or actually serious but best of luck to you on finding a team good sire! Id say hey Ill go with ya but uhh...kinda obvious thing as to why I cant lol >.> Though if you find me a team horde-side that'd be great! Thats right, I gave you homework. Muahahahahaha!
Aye, I wish I could push rating. Personal goal there myself but that wont be for a long while lol, finding a team on horde-side is like me making sense, will never happen. ;D
Sir unless you pay for my transfer I am not going anywhere lol, you pay for mah tranfer, ja? :D XD jk jk seriously trying to save money in my case is all xD otherwise I would have long ago. Trust me!
You made a mistake here by choosing Grimms and Sleeo for arena partners. Unless you want to stay in the 1200 bracket, then you're solid.

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