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Revival is a newly created guild on Aman'Thul who are looking to recruit people who would like to experience wow how it used to be. (as best we can). We have started a project that will involve raiding old content with level and gear appropriate toons. we are trying to get as many people together who would be interested in reliving the good old days of wow. once we have completed the lv60 vanilla content, we will move onto the Burning Crusade content after leveling to 70. and repeating for wrath and into cata (maybe)

The Rules:Orc, troll, undead, tauren only.
Mage, lock, priest, rogue, druid, hunter, shaman, warrior only. No glyphs, No PvP gear in raids, dual specc is ok
•Level 60 is the max
•No Deathknights
•No heirloom items (not even to level)
•You can only use items from Vanilla quests and instances or vanilla crafting (so no AH gear or anything like that)
•No flying mounts.
•max prof at 300
•no inscr, JC or arch
•no ramdon BG or dungeon finder. you must manually forma group and run to the entrance. BGs are allowed but you must que for then from the appropriate battle master in the correct zone.
•flight paths can only be used once you have explored that area.

In short, this is something to do over a longer period of time that is more for a little bit of fun as a side project to our main toons and raiding commitments. If you think you would be interested come have a chat. anyone in the guild will happily talk bout this. so come create your lv1 and lets get our nostalgia on.
thanks for the info,
its not that im going to monitor this, i will just rely on ppl joining up and questing/grinding together. more of a trust system and ppl getting into the fun of it all.

i have 10-15 ppl who are very keen on this from the get go, hence why i started the idea, and the gear will will OP but i think it will still be alot of fun, as i have never seen the old raids and needed worry bout mechanics, its more to let ppl experience the raids while respecting the mechanics. not just in vanilla, but once we clear we will be moving to lv70 to do BC content.
01/14/2013 02:25 PMPosted by Vanillashakk
You can only use items from Vanilla quests

All the vanilla quests have been changed or removed. So you have to farm mobs by force.

Not even real...
ok, i will re-phrase, you can only use items from questing in vanilla zones.
sorry if that was too hard for you to work out :-)

Screams of the Past does the rest pretty well (save for flying mounts). It has however gotten pretty sad since they are able to 10 man all the 40 man instances with people in pre-bc gear with pre-bc enchants.

Good luck though, we once tried something similiar after being bored and could only be bothered to clear ZG/AQ20 & half of MC.

We can't quite 10 man AQ40 =P. With that said, thanks for the the shout out.

As for the OP, I've been around a long time and I've seen plenty of guilds like this try to start up. While I like the idea you're going for, you'll find that the majority of players that still play this game today won't be interested in what you have to offer.

The way we look at the game now over in screams is that there are really too few remnants of vanilla left to take an approach such as yours and have it work, so therefore we allow the moderns conveniences such as flying, RFD, or heirlooms (for leveling only). What keeps us going is our shared love for the vanilla raiding content and therefore all of our rules focus on the raiding aspect of the guild. If you take away from what people can do outside of raids, they will resent being "needlessly restrictive." Your guild members will never be able to do dungeons while leveling (through cataclysm introduced quests I might add) and they will probably not enjoy trekking out to the battleground entrances to queue for a BG when they really don't have to.

You will have problems with enforcement of the rules if you take the approach you do and I have my doubts that you will find and retain members. Lots of things have changed over the years and it probably isn't coming back. We don't even have talents anymore. Will you let your warriors use titan's grip (even though it sucks at 60)? Can your warlocks use that Chaos bolt spell that wasn't in the game in vanilla? Can hunters use explosive shot? My point is that the game has been changed forever and restricting people unnecessarily outside of raids will not net you more members.

You're free to listen to my advice or ignore it, but I figured it was worth the time to at least try to give you my insight on the subject.

Good luck if you do attempt this project.
thanks for the input rage,
no i dont be limiting the spells used. i understand the game has changed. i currently have 15 memebers who have all enjoyed the aspect of having to run everywhere. we are mainly friends anyway so i doubt we will all just stop.

modern mechanis of the game have changed. i cant help that. but there are a number of ppl out there who surely havent seen mechanics of the original vanilla raids. this is the goal. to see these mechanics and try to respect them instead of just ploughing thru and not seeing anything.

we have been running dungeons as a guild and everyone so far has been having a great time on vent as something a little more fun as a side project to their main toons.

while i appreciate the input from everyone, so far it seems to be going well.

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