Help a Holy Pally Kill Things Faster.

Hey guys,
I rolled this holy pally at the start of the expansion, and seeing as I have never healed on any class before, I figured I'd go all the way through the leveling content as a healer to help me to better learn my chosen spec. Anyway, here I am at 90, and I'm loving the class. TBH, I kind of suck, but I've been reading guides and having fun along the way so elitists can blow me. I've mostly only been doing 5 mans and just recently starting LFR, but I hope to one day be able to hold my own in 10 man content. I know I need some better gear though. This leads me to dailys.

I just started the rep grind, and I'm starting to get bored denouncing everything for kills. I chose Ret as the offspec, but I have no gear to help me out. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if an easy to aquire ret set exists that I can use to finish up the dailies a but quicker. Is there a vendor that sells a decent leveling set on the cheap? AH pvp stuff that I could try?

Just looking for a push in the right direction so I dont waste a ton of gold or points.

Thanks guys!

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