<The Consortium>,10M T/W 9-12 EST 12/12 TOT

Current MOP progression: Tier 15: 12/12 TOT Starting Heroics!
Past Progression:
MOP - 10M: Tier 14: MOV 6/6 3/6H, HOF 6/6 & TOES 4/4w/elite
CATA - 6/8H DS at 5% nerf, 6/7H FL, Tier 11 9/13H & WRATH - 12/12H ICC

Recruiting: 1 tank with dps os (pally, warrior, dk or monk), 1 healer (priest, pally or monk)


Raid times: Tues/Wed night 8:45pm - 12am EST (server time)

We have recently transferred to Zul'jin in the hopes of finding a larger recruitment pool as our former server Arygos had been slowly dying for the last year or so. We were formerly The Syndicate of Arygos. Our guild strives to accomplish in two nights a week what many other guilds do in three or more. We have high expectations of our raiders in terms of preparedness, motivation, and constant drive for improvement. However, we focus to ensure that people aren't overwhelmed with WoW and still have ample time for their jobs, lives, family, and friends. We also like to do alt run together, challenge modes, old achievements and the ocasional PVP on off nights together. We are composed of many like-minded, mature, experienced players. Most of our members are working adults and college students. We look for our members to show respect and maturity, but we still love to have a lot of laughs! We use EPGP for all content loot distribution. Any questions about EPGP can be answered on our website under the Guild Information Forum. Interested in joining or want to know more info about us? Check out our website and see what this guild is all about. http://theconsortiumzuljin.enjin.com

If you have questions feel free to contact:
Bearieb (GM)
Would really like 1 to 2 RDPS
First week back to raiding after 5 weeks cleared MV and 3/6 in HOF in two nights.
01/18/2013 08:59 PMPosted by Syon
First week back to raiding after 5 weeks cleared MV and 3/6 in HOF in two nights.

And we did it with a few new faces who hadn't seen any of the HoF fights before.
WTB another tank and another heals, just so we have sits. moar deeps too.
Pushing into Terrace would really like another ranged dps, healer with dps os and a tank with a dps or heal os.
Still looking for a few to round out our roster.
Still looking for 1 rdps (warlock preferred) and one healer with dps os!
Still looking for a ranged dps warlock or hunter preferred.
Bump for moar great Raiders!
Looking for DEEPS!
Still looking for 1 rdps (warlock or hunter preferred) and maybe 1 healer with a dps os!
493 Elem(/Resto) Sham 15/16N, 1/16H looking for a server xfer and new progression raid team.
Been holding on to a dying server, but the well of good raiders has run dry.

Also have a ~485 hunter who was my main at the beginning of DS
Apply on our website if you are interested! Still looking for 1 rdps and 1 healer with dps os!

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