(H) <Ignis Solus> LF dps

Earthen Ring
*Particular interest in DPS right now. Mage, shaman, hunter, druid, rogue, or death knight.

Hey ER. Recently a group of friends came together so that we could all make new toons and re live the Mists of Pandaria expansion. We are looking to find a few more raiders to join us. Most of us have raiding experience in wow or other MMO's and intend to do pretty moderate progression 3 nights a week. (Tues / Wed / Thur from 7 - 11pm server)

Any exceptional class is welcome to apply. Half of the raid team knows each other in real life and is very easy to get along with. Please do not hesitate to post a reply and I will read them within a day.
Hi im a Shaman Healer, id love to join but i could only raid Sunday / Monday Nights due to work. Cheer Shambrah
thanks shambrah for your interest
What would be your raid times from Sun to Wens? i am asking because I have night classes Mon and Tues till 9server.
We are starting at 7 server for our raids

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