Looking for a Holy Shock Macro

Ok first off, I suck at making Macros, and i've already had the Macro in Dragon Soul but since then all my Macros got wiped I forgot how to do it again.

I already have and I want to add to it:

#showtooltip Holy Shock
/cast [@target,help,nodead][@targettarget]Holy Shock

This casts Holy Shock on my target's target when i'm targeting an enemy and when i'm targeting a friendly, but I want to add a self cast as well.

Help please?
Edited OP so it made sense.
/cast [@mouseover, help] [@target, harm] [ ] Holy Shock

If that is what you wanted? You will self cast if there is no target and mouseover.
#showtooltip Holy Shock
/cast [@target,help,nodead][@targettarget][@player] Holy Shock

This is your macro, just with a self cast at the end if your first 2 conditions are not met.
go to interface > combat > enable self cast key. then press alt every time you want to cast a spell on yourself.

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