Advice Healing 10m Sha

Last night was my first time healing Sha with the Guild. A couple things bothered me as it seemed I wasn't being as effective as I could be. First thing is I run a Sacred Shield spec normally as we run with 2 Holy pally's. I found that Sacred Shield helps smooth out the healing in most fights as the other pally goes with an EF spec.
So anyhow to change things up on Sha I stayed with sacred shield but went with Holy Prism for the extra insta cast heal instead of Lights hammer. My main issue is it seem like there is a ton of Damage being spread out from the missle mobs. I am having a tough time being mobile and raid healing. I can cover some but if more than 3 adds are up I tend to get overwhelmed. Any advice here is appreciated.
Well, first off 2 hpallys in a 10man is painful, since EF is usually going to be one of your top 3 heals in every fight with excessive aoe dmg

Basically the way my guild does it, is the dps want to focus adds>boss
if group 1 gets sent to the north platform, then all the dps still on sha platform attack the adds on the south side, so that when group 1 comes back with the increased damage buff, they can kill northside adds relatively quickly, and then move to boss

Because the majority of healing/incoming damage is on the sha platform, feel free to blow a bunch of your mana on flash heals etc, while doing your best to dodge missiles

When you get transported, its best if you have your tank take one half of the platform, and you take the other half, and then you split the orbs between you based on where they are (dps can move into em if they are immediately next to them)
That will get you alot of mana back, as well as getting your tank healed up
Go behind pillars for death blossom, etc

Standard hpally strats for healing, blanket whoever you can with EF (3-4k ticks, 23k initial heal, + mastery, +beacon, equals around 126k heals/absorbs per target for just 1HP worth of Eternal other words, if only for this fight, take Eternal Flame....and possibly look for a new guild instead of running 2 hpallys

This fight is not a dps race, its a survival fight, dps focus adds, and just keep everyone alive as best u can, and its an easy fight
In this fight your healing comp really dont matter cause you will have 2 5-man group all the time, so go for EF.
Everyone should be moving and running and being taleported all the time, so i think that HP is better than the hammer for this fight, cast on the boss/add for lower Aoe healing or the tank when his HP drop low (trash).
basically we have infinite mana this fight, everytime you go for the plataform you will get all your mana back, so i basically heal in the paltaform with instant casts and flash heals all the time, just get some orbs and you will be fine.
In the sha plataform, the tank will take spikes of damage (Trash) so prepare him fot this attack, get 3 HP, be prepared to throw some instant casts and if needed on big heal, Hand of Sacrifice with divine protection also helps.
Pop your CDS, this is a 10 min + fight you will have them coming back a lot of times.
As commented this is a survival fight so, dont rush, your (and your raid) main priority is avoid missiles and kill adds.
Hope i was of some help, and good luck, is a easy fight if you have the dps to kill the adds on the plataforms, just repeat the same !@#$ over and over again until the boss drops.
Thank you all for the advice, i appreciate it alot.

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