<Vigil> Realm Best CM Gr [9/9 CM:G Assist+]

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Tadah! Now providing 9/9 Realm Best Feat of Strengths

This is only provided for serious FoS collectors, we're talking about all 9 FoS. As you can guess offers won't be cheap.

This is for a very limited time.

Who are we?

We, <Vigil> MAIN RAIDERS, are Mal'Ganis realm best CM time holders and more (US top times : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYo2V65J6Dg ; also can be checked through armory or in game scoreboard). My team includes some of the best CM players in Mal'Ganis/US. We are the FIRST and oldest CM carry group. Invented the "sell" into CMs, all happened HERE.

In the last 22 months (1 year already!), we have yet to fail to deliver our service. This is where it all started. The father of all CM sell runs.

Why us?

We are the fastest and most trusted upon group in the US. We will meet your expectations and crush it.

- Run length at this time is an average of 1 hour 45 minutes. Other groups will hold you down for 2 1/2 hours to 4-5 hours… for the same price or higher.

- Punctual. We are on the dot with time/scheduling. This is why we require a small down payment. My team members who are 5 minutes late will even be replaced to make the run happen as we agreed upon. We are very serious about time and the value of it.

- There is no CM sell run that's been around as long as us. We are spotless in that we execute exactly what we portray and say.

We've been fully booked every weekend for the last couple months now and one of the most popular, depended upon group. Name a group that will not only get you full gold rating but with style, including top 50 in your class, and we'll defeat them.

Some of our FEATS / buyers' finishing results, who personally requested ranks:
<all wowprogress links on post below, times at finish of runs (pre 5.1/2)>
World 3rd Paladin, US 1st Paladin, US-Akama realm best with all classes included 9/9 realm best
- http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/akama/Crossblades

World 7th Mage, US 4th Mage, US-Illidan realm best with all classes included 6/9 realm best
- http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/illidan/Byond

World 15th Hunter, US 5th Hunter, US-Tichondrius realm best with all classes included 4/9 realm best
- http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/tichondrius/Calliesta

Hyjal realm best with all classes included
- http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/hyjal/Ceartas


--What we provide:--

--Full Bronze from the 9 MoP 5-man dungeons net you:

Title: <Player Name> the Undaunted

--Full Silver will net you:


One of the 4 new Pandaren Phoenixes you can view in front of the Archeology trainer above Mogu'shan Palace.

Reins of the Ashen Pandaren Phoenix
Reins of the Violet Pandaren Phoenix
Reins of the Crimson Pandaren Phoenix
Reins of the Emerald Pandaren Phoenix

These mounts are character bound and can only choose 1 per character (not account wide).

--Full Gold will net you:


A class specific transmog armor set!

--Full Realm Best will net you:

Gate of the Setting Sun <Name>, Defender of the Wall
Mogu'shan Palace Mogu-Slayer <Name>
Shado-Pan Monastery Purified Defender <Name>
Siege of Niuzao Temple Siegebreaker <Name>
Stormstout Brewery Stormbrewer <Name>
Temple of the Jade Serpent Jade Protector <Name>
Scholomance Darkmaster <Name>
Scarlet Halls Flameweaver <Name>
Scarlet Monastery Scarlet Commander <Name>


- Must be attuned (complete all 9 dungeons on Heroic or we charge double).
- Must have teamspeak3 or mumble and be able to listen (mic not required).
- Must deposit a down payment to seal a spot.

--Point of Contact:--

Zeals#1125 (Make sure you add a note).
Zealsambitions (Skype) Best way to contact me, since real ID is full or nearly.

*We will never ever accept cash/paypal/anything that's not in game related
**You will play your own character under any circumstance.

One of our very satisfied buyer who requested Top 10 rank, (was top 5 at the time of gold), and open to sharing his success story.

January Weekends

18th: Booked
19th: Booked

25th: Open
26th: Booked
I'm from Illidan hijackin yo threadz
I'm from alterac mountains hijackin yo serverz
I'm from the gym hijackin yo serverz.
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Abeblinkin grats on your realm first :)
Grats Byond, who finished World 7th, US 4th Mage and Illidan overall best time.

LFM buyers!
Gimme dat gold
01/21/2013 12:54 AMPosted by Drêadknight
Gimme dat gold
New prices!
To the top.
01/24/2013 12:31 AMPosted by Zealsy
New prices!

Same prices for all classes. We guarantee 9/9 gold faster than any of our competition. We will also get you high ranks if requested and stream it live and recorded for you to keep.
You're going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.
01/24/2013 08:04 PMPosted by Pewws
You're going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.
4 hours is all we need.
Bamf 250k for all classes all specs.
To the top!
Who want's to buy from a guy in guild named "Perineum"...

May as well call it "unwashed taint."

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