5.2 Flawed logic and assumption [T2 Gear]

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Many people are trying to argue Blizzard is purely interested in the money (Which may be true) therefore they go out of there way to attribute the general population of the WoW community which are casual players. It just seems to me that T2 is one of the most gratifying achievements for most of these "casual players" so what would happen if you took possibly the only feat in reasonable reach for some of these players who don't put much time into the game, would the "casual player" lose interest in the game due to lack of goals? I haven't seen "casual" players spam trade chat "LF R1 or GLadiator push", I typically see the old "LF 3S for 2200 to get T2" ETC. I think Blizzard will be losing money if they implement this, from both casual and hardcore players.

We all know why high end players may or not oppose the the T2 changes, but i thought I would look at the other perspective.

Funniest thing I've heard in a while


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110% truth, however the odds that Blizzard will acknowledge this are slim to none, as they have ignored every other good piece of advice ever thrown their way.
As one of the most honest and well respected people in the World of Warcraft PvP community, I couldn't agree with you more. Great points.
poppychulo knows whats gucci
Agreed good post
smart poppy
Rank 1 RBG leader Bailamos agrees
Great post. I agree I still think there should be a gap for the players that log on everyday to play though. Just gives us more of an incentive rather than HoTA and Glad/r1.
I agree.
All i see is a loss of money on my end....
Asia approves
i want to earn my t2 gear man i never got the chance till this season now they are thinking of taking it out this sucks.... terrible idea

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