5.2 Flawed logic and assumption [T2 Gear]

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[quote]There should be a season cap that increases weekly for all players instead of a rating based weekly cap so that rating has no effect on power and no matter how late someone starts they can catch up if they earn the points.

You might want to read about what's said here

Also, I believe arenas should be prioritized over RBGs.

Arena is where most of the real pvpers are, and imo should be rewarded as such (and it sounds like we will get more rewards). I honestly believe arena is on the decline because of all the rbg heroes currently in existance. Tons of glads/multi glads never thought much of 2200 anyway after so many people got it from rbgs without even stepping foot in arena or ever getting 2200 in arena, it's pretty sad.

The next thing you know is that you got people saying "Oh I got 2200...in rbgs, I'm amazing" it's pretty ridiculous. As a person that has gotten 2200 a couple times, I tell you, rbgs isn't nearly as intense imo as majority of those 3s matches I've done to get 2200 rating.

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