Solo Kel'Thuzad 25?

P1 doesnt need explanation. P2, switch to Insight when adds come out, keep moving around so a Fissure doesn't sneak up on you with all the adds covering the floor. Ezpz.
have to use Seal of Insight and Hammer of Righteousness when his minions start summoning. I managed to stay alive long enough using those two abilites and spamming Word of Glory at the appropriate times. I also suggest picking up this trinket which will increase healing alot during its duration every 1 minute.

This was done in ret spec btw

Dreadful Gladiator's Badge of Victory
I am not technically necroing this thread, it is one of the top results in google for "how to defeat Kel'Thuzad"

I think KT is bugged, i was googling this because at the end of p1, for 5 times in a row, KT just despawns. Using this thread, im convinced now KT is bugged.

I am a solo paladin, cleared all of Naxx but cant finish off KT.
You can't go to the bug report forums and make a thread on your paladin saying it's bugged? Thread's been dead for over a year even if it's the top result on goggle you shouldn't have necroed it.
So the next guy who googles it gets no new information?

I found this thread, i added information. This was not intended to be a bug report, though you are right, one should be sent in.

Simply a thread about KT, and how solo he just despawns now, in contrast to the information out there. Right now, everything says it is possible. This information happens to be wrong.

This was an update. /shrug
11/07/2014 02:39 PMPosted by Cadsuane
Right now, everything says it is possible.

Based on the content from this thread? Keep in mind the new expac added a lot of new things and sometimes it screws up with old content.

Whatever, !@#$ happens.
Kel'thuzad's not bugged, but some of his minions are. Don't attack the minions in phase 1 until they come out of the alcoves, it causes the encounter to despawn
Dunno, i do it every week on 25 with my ret :/ lol
Did it the other day and no problems.
I do Naxx25 every week, and I have definitely run into the reset bug if I run around outside of that main green ring on KT too often. But if I stay within it and just let things come to me, it seems very stable.

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