PVP Healadin What am I doing Wrong?

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Everyone says reforge to spirit, then mastery- but I am just not seeing this work out for me. I have tried to reforge to mastery, then go back to crit, because frankly, I am just not healing as much or living as long. I use EF, and all that to keep illuminated healing up, but it just doesn't seem to work for me. So what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
I am certainly no expert at all but i believe that you want to be re-forging crit for pvp.dont stack mastery. and depending on what your doing..be it arenas or bgs...I get spirit gear and then re-forge out of it for more crit while still maintaing some spirit.

but definitely no mastery.
My best advice for you would be this website. It is just... fantastic.

After looking at your character I can't see any flaws. If you are having issues it's either because of bad team mates or a l2p issue. But you weren't very specific in you post so I'm not really sure what else you are looking for.
(Cross posted)

Everyone says reforge to spirit, then mastery- .

You said you are dying not going OOM. Unless you are dying because of mana then I don't think spirit is your problem.

mastery is better shields, crit is better chance at big heals and bonuses from crit
Could suggest radiance if you are healing a group, say by a flag. The aoe heal will help offset the aoe damage on the flag.

It could be spell selection. The longer cast the more times you open yourself up to be locked out of all heals. IF your main big heal in raids is DL you may want to consider FoL as your big heal. I see you have FoL glyphed so I'm guessing that is your favored big spell.

Then it may be positioning. Hard to tell. You have speed of light, so I'm guessing you have the means to get away if need be.

I personally find if I have taken care of all of this, then I have to deal with pets that will cc and interrupt. I take turn evil glyphed to instant cast for this. and use blinding light on the obnoxious zoo (at least until they nerf it in 5.2)

If this doesn't cover it then ask for a peel from your team.
I actually prioritize Mastery the most and Crit the least as far as secondary stats go. The reason I do this is because the returns on Mastery are just so much higher than Crit. I calculated that, as a Paladin, I get 1% additional shielding from 425 points of Mastery but for 1% additional chance to Crit, I need to get 600 points of Crit Rating. As far as I'm concerned, both Mastery and Crit increase the potency of my direct healing by 1%. My indirect healing / AoE healing is so unreliable, slow, and expensive outside of CDs, I just directly heal single targets at a time for the most part.

Yes, Illuminated Healing can be dispelled, but if I'm healing a target that is taking good damage, the shield shouldn't last long enough to even be detected by a dispeller. Yes, I realize I'm one of the classes that actually would benefit from Critting, with Holy Shock in particular, but I really try not to rely on the random occurrence that Holy Shock will Crit. It's like hoping Divine Purpose will proc. Mastery has been more stable for me.

I just do random BGs for fun, so my advice is a bit narrow. However, when I'm being trained, if the cast takes more than 1.5 seconds to come out, I will not finish the cast and juke, hopefully drawing out a random Interrupt. All my talents that affect my survival and healing are geared towards generating Holy Power and faster casts. I never bother with Holy Light in BGs unless there are no Horde around at the moment; too slow and too weak. I use Holy Shock and Holy Prism as instant cast heals, Judgement every 6 seconds to snare opponents/boost my speed/make Flash of Light cheaper and faster, and use Word of Glory only when I have 3 Holy Power or more for the 1 Holy Power Refund the PvP 4pc set offers.

Every Paladin likes Clemency, I like it too. However, it just makes me better against melee with the 2 Hand of Protections and Freedoms to better kite them with. The 2 Hand of Sacrifices are very tempting too, assuming none of them get dispelled. Against casters, which seem to be more dominant and more annoying for me to deal with in general as a Holy Paladin, they do very little. I went for Unbreakable Spirit since I get a generous amount of Holy Power and it'll help me get Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and even Lay on Hands (which is usable in random BGs).

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