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LF Time limited, Skilled, Friendly

Are you a skilled player, but have a limited amount of time to play? Have you joined guilds of your skill level, but then find out that they are filled with egos, kids, or drama? Are you looking for a group of players that value their limited time to play, share the same goals as you, and want to have fun in a mature environment while doing so? If so, Incendiary Legion and our newly forming 2nd Raid Team might be a perfect fit for you!

Incendiary Legion (http://www.incendiarylegion.com/about-us) currently is recruiting for a newly forming 2nd 10-man Raid Team. We expect a lot out of our players, through great damage/healing/survivability, consistency, and utility. We have been known to find the hidden gems, players that have great skill but not much current history to back it up, so don't be afraid to apply.

We currently need the following:
  • Agility leather DPS

We are still working out the details of schedule, it can change if needed, but this is what we have so far:
  • Weekdays 8:30-11:30 Server Time (EST), Wednesday and Friday
  • Members from Incendiary Legion's existing raid team will help fill spots when needed, if they are able (lockout and/or alt permitting)

As a member of Incendiary Legion you can expect:
  • A guild leadership that discusses and approves changes which are good for the guild, even if this means some changes may take some time
  • The ability to communicate to the guild leadership your concerns and/or frustrations to help resolve the issue(s) (or at least make the issue(s) know)
  • A guild that is like a family, caring about the individual
  • A community of mature individuals
  • Voice chat outside of raids, as well as in

About Us
Incendiary Legion is a semi-hardcore raiding guild made up of like-minded adults. We are made up of skilled players that research and know their class/role, research and discuss raid strategy, and push themselves and their teammates to the best of their abilities. We are not afraid of wiping, and as long as we are making progress, of any sort, we will be having fun while doing so. And when we finally kill a boss, we won’t argue about the loot. Loot is simply a secondary reward to the primary reward of progressing (which also helps us progress more). Most of our players have professional jobs and/or families to care for, so we like to make our raiding time count.

Our guild vision:
  • Efficient – Not making people wait on you because you wanted to see how long you could survive in the lava, shadow goo, green slime etc. Knowing the fights to the best of your ability before an attempt to prevent overlong explanations.
  • Focused – Not relying on someone to call out every single thing.
  • Professional – Being able to step out of a raid gracefully if asked to. Not being a sore loser when you don’t get the loot you want. Not rage quitting when we don’t faceroll a boss.
  • Mature – You don’t have to be gentlemanly or ladylike but please have some respect for people. I’m sure most of us have heard our fair share of fart jokes so I think we can put those aside now… however, “that’s what she said” jokes are totally fine… but only if it’s hilarious.
  • Skilled – Staying up to date (researching) on main class/spec/role, able to adapt to new ideas quickly, learns to counter mechanics in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Humorous – One can be funny while being all of the above. This is a game after all, have some fun with it. But it is important to know that not everyone shares the same definition of “fun”.

Full details can be found on our website (About Us and Recruitment pages): http://www.incendiarylegion.com/

Contact Us
If you have any questions you may contact Hollyriku (BattleTag: Ajarn#1957) or Sixtywatt via PM on the Guild forums or in game.
interested, added.
I hope to talk to you when I get home from work :)
Are you looking for tanks?
Yes, but we have a warrior tank, unless you were planning on joining with a different class :)
Guardian Druid :)
hey, im brand new to the server and brand new to pandaria. this is my 3rd day to have it and i just hit 90 on my DK. Im primarily dps, but if needed i can be a last ditch tank, and try to keep up a tank set and OS. If you have room in your guild, or raid group hit me up in the game :)
You might be a decent fit still, based on your previous experience. Head on over to the website, I think we would like to chat with you.
I am a tank raid leader but the guild I'm raiding with is falling apart. I'm looking to move to this server and join a team as described in your post. I have a mumble server I can bring with me.

2 of my friends who are also raiding with me are moving to Stormrage as well and we want to either start a new team or join a new team together.

The other two are Malpractise (Disc Priest) and Smirvnoff (Warlock).

We want to have a good time in a social guild that is focused on progressing.

Please message me if you are interested in taking all three of us.
As my friend Brettah mentioned we are wanting to move servers.

We have been playing off and on since 2006 and are mature players looking for a mature raid environment.

Currently our server Drenden doesn't seem to be working out. We have joined a few guilds began raiding just to watch the group fall apart later due to folks quitting the game or just not attending. Brett currently runs group 4 with our guild but we can't seem to progress due to the problems listed above.

We have no issues running our own group and recruiting if there isn't room in your current raid roster but we would prefer to be involved in a well established group.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with your officers to discuss what the 3 of us bring to the table.

As Brett stated above please message us if you are interested...
Currently this 3rd group would be new, but it's already full on healers, and it's looking like it will be full on tanks soon. I will need this group to get established before I decide if I want a 4th group to form. Thanks for your interest though.
Still looking for the positions stated in the post. Need a tank + 5 DPS.
Interested added
A tank and 4 DPS needed now :)
I'm interested. (server swap from Arygos)

I am already geared (according to wow-heroes.com) to be doing heroic MV and HoF

My main spec is DPS and Tank OS. My highest recorded sustained DPS was 69k on Gara'jal and my highest burst of dps was 150k on Feng, both normal mode.

My experiance is MV10 first 3 bosses on normal mode in MoP as DPS. In Cataclysm i DPS and Tanked all of BWD N portions on H, BoT N/H, and ToTFW. I also did portions of firelands before leaving the game. In WoTLK i dps and tanked every fight but LK itself.
Hi there Sethus, we are looking at Blood as a possible good fit for our other tank. Your DPS spec looks good, and you may be a good fit for the group - please feel free to come on over to our website. :)

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