(Group formed!)

My friend and i are looking for a guild. Both ilvl 489 and 70k or higher dps. Im a demo lock and he is a shadow priest. His characters name is darkha.
please head over to the website and fill out an app :D
We currently have a Warlock applying, but he hasn't been accepted yet (still chatting and getting to know him), so there is a chance that your apps will beat him out. So like Ushio said, come on over and apply if you want :)
We are looking for a non-warrior/paladin tank still if you have another character, Rivellana. Our flex heal position is unfortunately already filled.
We still need a few more people for the 3rd Group.

One of the benefits is, you'll also get me to watch Netflixs with.. :)
Still looking for a non-prot tank and some dps! Would love an ele shaman and hunter!
Changed times to Wed & Fri 8:30-11:30.
Still looking to fill in the last few spots.. I'd love to see a Hunter.. I need someone to chat with..
Looking for a few more!
^ What she said.. :)

She might even bake you brownies, for joining.. :o
Bumping for them. They were a class act when I applied, even thos they ended up not needing a healer.
Hi there. I like your raid times as they work perfectly into my schedule. I plan on hitting 90 tonight and gearing shouldn't take to long I don't think. I've been playing hunters for years now and am pretty familar with the class.

Here is my main raiding hunter. My horde guild gave up on progression this Xpac and I'm looking to find a group that is progressing.

@Dralenn Thanks :)

@Shambooga We'd love to add a hunter to our team. While you're levelling/gearing up, please head over to the website and fill out an app :) We can chat from there and get to know you better.

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