(Group formed!)

Still looking for a few dps for the last three spots!
Found a tank. Now just looking for the last 3 DPS.
Still looking for a few more dps!
Looking to fill the last few spots.
Looking for a rogue for our team!
Looking for an agility leather dps for the last spot!
Still looking!
Yep, down to the last spot. Need an agility leather dps!
Still looking for an agility leather dps!
Still looking!

I am interested in the leather agility damage slot for your raid group.
Hi there!

Things look good from a cursory glance. Please head over the website and fill out an application, and we can chat more and get to know you better!

Still looking!
I am looking to bring a toon over this weekend I have a Monk that is 478WW and 473 Brew you can armory her infact this is the toon I am talking about, if you would like to talk to me about it I am off work at 5pm eastern time. I am willing to respect, regem, reforge, and chant just let me know what you need. Below is Armory Link


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