Resto/Balance Druid + Frost DK LF wkend raid

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Hi all,

Myself and a frost DK (Breadwinka) from Maelstrom are looking for a weekend raiding guild.

Currently, we are 6/6 vaults, 5/6 HoF, and 1/4 ToES. Our progression is not ideal, but we've only been raiding for about 6 hours a week on and off since MoP was released.

My armory page:
His armory page:

We have been raiding together in a guild (which I have been GM of) since Naxx in WotLK.

We are looking for a (somewhat casual, but progression is always a plus) weekend raiding guild (sometime after 9 PM EST fridays/saturdays, with sunday evenings also open for us). We are not looking for any weekday raiding as our work schedules often conflict. Doesn't matter if we're horde or alliance.

I am willing to play both balance and resto, however my preference is resto if possible. Currently my gear (especially my tier) is leaning balance, as that is what our guild needed at the time.

Both of us are competent raiders, with multiple parses in the past on WoL:
if you want to look up any of our logs (however we haven't been raiding too much lately).

Edit: Battletag is Brugameros#1370 if you should wish to contact me in game.
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my battletag Breadwinka#1793
For breadwinka rankings (lol):
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Just posted some threads. 7 or 8 pm wouldn't work est?
Just answering Reignmaker: Unfortunately no, the place where Breadwinka works closes at around 9 PM, thus why we're so restricted (also why it's going to be painful finding somewhere for us to go).
One last (hopefully not hopeless) bump. We're still looking.
can take both of you right into our core 10 man if you are still looking and want to be apart of something 'fresh'.

About us

We are a 10 man guild on the Kul Tiras server, as horde. We are casual-core environment which means we plan on completing the current tier efficiently in a timely manner but on a much less rigorous schedule than most progression environments. Most of us currently have other responsibilities in our lives besides gaming so we can't commit that 24/7 lifestyle to gaming and want to be able to raid while also having social schedules. We picked a quiet server to reside on to have a more intimate feel with our community and enjoy that server competitiveness. Most of our core members have been playing wow for over 6 years and have been on the cutting edge of progression in multiple tiers and finishing in the top 10 us and world in 10 and 25 man modes. We are very interested in achieving a regularly competitive pvp atmosphere with 3's-5's and rbg teams.

our current core members range from 16/16hm, 10/16hm, 2/16hm, to fresh players that just got back into wow since FL. Looking to be top on server for end of this tier into the new tier.

Raid Times

We plan on raiding 2-3 days a week, right now those preferred days are the weekend but open to week days and times are negotiable since we're still getting the final people included. Raid times we like currently are to start at 7pm and go to 10:30pm server time (Central Time).

If you have any questions for us please contact us in game by messaging: Azmodias (Ciphur#1194), Pimz, or Fidlesticks.

You can also check out our guild website at < >
We are still looking.
Figured I should bump this at a more relevant time.
add ragegasm#1475 if fri sat sun 8-11PST fit u guys. :P

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