Divine purpose proc - really 25%?

To me it feels like 50%. I have it proc all the time.
01/12/2013 11:10 AMPosted by Keten
25% doesn't mean 1/4 ratio, it means 25/100 ratio.

... In basic mathematics, 25/100 is exactly the same as 1/4.

If you're talking about averages, the larger your sample pool, the more accurately your average is going to reflect the probability. For example, if you use 4 WoG at 3HP, you could easily be anywhere from 0-100% on procs. Yes, it does proc 4 times in a row on some occasions (pretty frequently, actually). If you use 100 WoG at 3HP, you're probably looking at between 15 and 35 procs- 15%-35% which much more accurately reflects the probability of the RNG. Go up to 1000 uses and you're probably in the 22%-28% range. RNG is RNG- and any attempt to prove the average of RNG is going to be more accurate with a larger number of trials.

In my personal opinion, it's probably about 25%, but it's never consistent- it's always 8 times in a row on one fight with another three in a row a few WoGs later, then I won't see it once the entire next boss encounter. RNG is RNG, but based on my holy experience 25% sounds about right.
While it says 25% chance to proc the first, bear in mind that the proc itself can activate the talent, which increases the average by 25/4, or +6.25%. Then you get to add a quarter of that, and so on... in effect, it's not one quarter, it's one third, or 33.33%

My own logs as Holy, at least, are generally around the 30-35% mark. The frequent string of procs, though, does still baffle me. It's like the talent has some strange internal RPPM or somesuch, rather than a random chance each usage. Go two minutes without a proc? Bam. Here's 5 for ya'.
Feels like it procs with WoG more with me. I do love the high chains of templar's when I do get them though.

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