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I just got my account back from a hacker and he moved all my characters to a sub account and moved all their servers changed all their names races... he even changed my email and password before it was recovered.... Now blizz is telling me that its my fault to account for security during the 5 months i quit because of my illness...They refuse to restore my toons to the way they were prehack and say i have to pay it myself which would cost me 500+ dollars to change my characters back that i need to help pay for medical bills...they are saying there is no evidence of it being hacked but clearly all of the things done show that it has... how can blizz treat someone whose been playing for 6 years this way.. and now they are threatening me for harassment for making too many tickets to fight this.. if i get banned then so be it i want my story heard
i always wondered why hackers pay (with real money) to keep the account active or transfer toons to other accounts.

what is their ultimate purpose?
What I want to know is how the hell do so many people get hacked?
Anyone else think we're not getting the real story?
I think we are because 2 legitimate responses were deleted.
i called 4 times and opened many tickets... this simple restore would cost blizz nothing when i can barely pay my medical bills this game takes my mind off my health
Five months? It says you got "double agent" achievement on 25/11/2012.

It's still currently January, are you telling me this hacker has been playing and levelling legitimaly instead, I don't know, maybe strip away all of your gold and be done with it?

Also stop making duplicate threads
It seems like a lot of people get hacked doesn't it?
01/07/2013 05:36 AMPosted by Rictras
Anyone else think we're not getting the real story?

Sounds more like he sold his account.
I don't buy this. Only way to move characters from 1 account to another (sub account) is if the info on the 2 accounts are the same.

This would mean it is a friend/family member/person you gave all your info to or a way to obtain said info.

Thus it is someone you know. Your mistake for not better protecting your account, and all blizzard will do for free is reset your "gear" if it was stolen and gold that was taken. All else is something a hacker wouldn't normally do (thus someone you must know) and will not be recovered.
Exactly what I was thinking feihun. Sold the account, email and password where changed, and now he wants the characters back.
idk how you people can accuse me of selling the one thing that gives me comfort in this time
Account security is the responsibility of the account holder, not Blizzard. If you care enough about your account to rant on the forums, you should care enough to take measures against getting hacked.
Your not making sense. You say you got your account back from a hacker. Then you say that blizzard says they see no signs of hacks?
what should i do pay for an authenticator? and no i cannot afford a smart phone. i dont have the time left to start again.. i just want my story heard
exactly ablaze... exactly

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