[H] <Unlimited> Returning Players, Startup

Focus: Raiding
VoIP: TeamSpeak
Server: Tichondrius
Prime Time: 7:00pm – 1:00am EST
Tentative Raid Schedule:
Wednesday 1900-2300 EST
Thursday 1900-2300 EST
Friday 1900-0000 EST

We are recruiting anyone interested in an enjoyable gaming experience with a group of players who are returning to WoW after a hiatus stretching back to WotLK and Cataclysm. Most of those involved come from hardcore raid backgrounds and/or seasoned arena PvP and are looking to jump right back into end-game.

Our goal here is to find some like-minded players to fill in our numbers and make the overall gaming experience more enjoyable; as you’ll read below, the people we play with are what truly make the games remarkable. Those interested do not have to be hardcore, nor veteran to the World of Warcraft. We have a couple of people who are just starting WoW.

Our raid plans are not casual in nature; while the entire guild is open to a wide array of players, we will raid to win, and this means reserving core raid positions for those who are willing and able to put the time/ability needed to progress.

A little bit about Unlimited:

  • Tight knit and mature group of highly skilled players with undying urge to decimate our opponents
  • Members who are used to a highly coordinated gaming experience – Our success in previous games comes from technical strategy and not necessarily from raw numbers.

Guild Expectations (key points):

  • Be active and participate
  • Be mature, be friendly, remain open-minded, and excel in a progressive environment that aims for PvE/PvP excellence.
  • Love the Challenge
  • Value and respect fellow players – We want people who enjoy the company of others and consider “game friends” an important piece to their online gaming experience.
  • Play within all ethical guidelines of gaming set forth by common sense and the WoW EULA

Guild Philosophy
For some, the overall enjoyment of the online gaming experience is amplified by the company they keep, to the point where it trumps the game’s content itself. Unlimited is dedicated to building a community around the quality of players we invite, rather than the need to be the most or best “anything”. That’s not to say that our practices do not include a competitive edge, on the contrary, Unlimited is called home by members with seasoned gaming backgrounds in organized PvP and PvE. However, skill can be taught, personality is harder to mold. Unlimited members are players who seek to explore the extent of their ability and perform beyond them. Steady progression and skill improvement are important, parallel to community relations. A well-defined direction and an organized leadership that utilizes community feedback pushes Unlimited forward. Unlimited is motivated by a natural drive that excels its members to top tiered achievement, rather than the “need” most hardcore guilds have.

Unlimited members are players who seek to explore the extent of their ability and perform beyond them. Steady progression and skill improvement are important, parallel to community relations. Being skillful at something should not be a license to put others down, rather to be a leader among peers to help steer them toward the same achievement you have reached.

Are you interested and have questions or would like to join?

Contact us in-game on Tichondrius:


Contact us on our TeamSpeak 3 server:
ugmrz.com (no port/pass necessary – shout in chat to get our attention)

There is no formal application process at this time; we would just like to get an idea of what you're looking for and make sure that this is a group that you will feel comfortable in (personality mix).

Feel free to visit our website: http://www.ugmrz.com (Currently transitioning ourselves out of the game we previously focused on)

Thanks for reading.
Great group of guys here. A few new faces settling in, could always use more as we start to get ready to raid.
At this time, most of Unlimited has hit 90 and members are beginning to gear themselves through heroic instance/reputation grinds. We have also welcomed a handful of new folks to the guild who were interested in working themselves up with us.

While we still welcome people leveling and simply looking for an enjoyable guild to play with, we are prepared to focus our efforts on recruiting capable raiders into our numbers. There are higher expectations of raiders, than normal members, to successfully clear content. Secondary spots will become available as we progress for those wishing and willing to learn.

Contact us in game or on Teamspeak as mentioned in the first post.
Just returning to the game and leveling up, though that shouldn't take long. I'd love to talk more if you still had a rogue spot open for raiding. I'll be sure to try and contact someone from your list as soon as I log in.
Bump for a great group. Could use some healers as we are now moving into hitting the Normal Raids.
Going to start recruiting hard for Core Raiders, could use a healer!
In-game and happy to answer any questions about the guild. Will be available until ~7:00pm EST.

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