[H-10M]<Recursion>(7/16H) LF Mage/Ele Shammy

Bleeding Hollow
Recursion is a horde 10 man on Bleeding Hollow (EST). We are currently 5/6 Heroic MSV, 2/6 H HOF, and 4/4 TOES.

We are a very tight-knit group of young to mid 20's guys and gals and call each other by first name.
Ideally we're looking for a friendly, progression-minded raider that is looking to steadily progress through all the heroic content. We like to have fun while raiding, but we are also competitive - we enjoy competing for world ranks, several of us rank on almost every fight.

Tue Wed Thu 8-12 EST

Current Needs:
Ele Shammy

Contact Info:
Chronos: ORylai#1412
Raenii: Rae#1385

or check out our website: http://recursionbh.enjin.com/
We are still looking for 2 core people. We are 6/16, organized but still have fun. Let us know if you are interested!
Have a free bump!
Edited post. Still looking.
any opening on disc priest or maybe shadow? 16/16 normal and 2/16 heroic
Still looking!
Still looking for solid dps to fill these spots.
bump from BCC <3
Updated what we are recruiting for.
Id be interested.. but id only really want to raid until 11.. work in the morning.. so 1230 is kinda pushin it
Could you contact me in game, Deathtolle? :)
Updated what we are recruiting.
Updated progression
High need for a resto shaman or mage. Contact ORylai#1412 in game.
bump - need a resto shammy for Tuesday.
Bump - Recruiting Lock / Mage and Prot Warrior / Blood DK

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