T15 Ret Bonuses

I think its roughly 35% which deflates the numbers above. So its around 23% after the 12% debuff.

source: http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=32803&start=225

OK, interesting.

12% armor debuff doesn't mean 12% less damage reduction, though, it means 12% less armor. So 25k armor would become 25k*(1-.12) = 22k armor, for example, which would be only a few percent less mitigation.
So, is our 2 piece horrible or am I overreacting?

6% increased holy damage even with a 50% up time doesn't seem like a lot, and when compared to our current 2 piece it seems pretty bad.

Please, someone convince me it isn't as bad as I think it is.

2 set has potential but 6 sec duration on the needs to be increased to around 8-10secs to give enough time to utilize it properly

Also, i dont see why AW cant be left at 2min CD... its hard to leave behind and isnt exactly gamebreaking.
t14 4set owns this.

what the hell blizz? do you even want me to upgrade?
I don't think 6s is too bad; 8s would be better, I'll admit, but 6s seems fine. That's a minimum of two Seal hits just from auto-swings alone, plus Censure. It's definitely gonna take a lot of acclimation to maximize the benefits.
From GC commenting on PTR Classes and Set Bonuses

- The Retribution 2pc is a debuff on the target, and does not stack or roll. With Glyph of Mass Exorcism, the debuff will be applied to all targets hit by the Exorcism. It affects all of your Holy damage. Yes, that includes Seal of Truth, Censure ticks, and Hand of Light. Censure ticks are affected per tick -- whether it was up when Censure was applied doesn't matter. It functions similar to the increased magic damage taken raid debuff, except is Holy-only and self-only. Clipping some debuffs when you get back to back Art of War procs is expected, and balanced around.
- The Retribution 4pc does grant a self-buff that is consumed by the next TV, and does not stack. Wasting some procs is expected, and balanced around. Yes it is a single-target benefit that won't increase DPS on AE fights. We don't want to be in such a limited design space (we're talking about the 15th tier here after all) that every set bonus must be super generic and work in every situation. If anything, we'd rather the Ret bonus be even higher for single-target and paladins will just be stronger at single-target and weaker at AE once they have the set bonus than they are in other tiers. Set bonuses are one of the few chances we have to change what your character does (within reason) aside from all of your numbers just getting bigger.

01/11/2013 10:27 PMPosted by Lueko
2 set has potential but 6 sec duration on the needs to be increased to around 8-10secs to give enough time to utilize it properly

Don't forget that haste will increase naturally with next tier's gear. Atm in a fight like Feng hc for example my art of war procs range anywhere from 12% to 16% uptime. Last week specifically i got 48 of them (15.2% uptime). I am supposing that with more haste, more aow procs we will see more exos. At 12 seconds gcd at exo with my current gear (just a few hc pieces) thats a 50% uptime right there. I suppose we should be expecting at least 65%-70% uptime of the two set bonus with normal gear of next tier jumping even higher in hc.
To the people wondering if holy avenger becomes better with t15.. Yes, without math I would think it does. (subjective opinion). Not because of the t15 bonus, but because of the lack of the 4 piece t14 bonus, as that was why we take sanctified wrath to begin with. Without the lowered CD on avenging wrath, it ceases to be a higher dps gain then holy avenger. What I'm wondering, with both set bonuses being rng procs, would divine purpose potentially pull ahead, considering that DP generates more holy power then the other two do, just with less control.
Wish they would just make AW baseline 2 min again though. Not like we couldn't use the dps boost.

Well it's not like it couldn't happen. As I recall the 3-HoPo inquisition lasted 24 seconds at the start of Cataclysm. And the first tier in that x-pac increased the duration of a 3 HoPo inquistion to something like 36 seconds.

Then when the Firelands Raid Came out they made 36 second inquisitions from 3 HoPo baseline.

So... here's hoping.
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these bonuses are basically blizzard telling us "dont stack haste, stack mastery"

22-25% haste may be a hard stop point then go full mastery

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