Tank Mods

Looking for some help on some helpful mods.

First off I actually like the WoW UI so please done mention changing that.

Right now I only use Omen and Taunt Master. Recently I have really started to dislike taunt master its extremely limited on what I can do with it and I would 1/3 of the time it doesn't work where I am keep clicking for a spell to work.

Is there another mod I could use to replace Taunt Master that would also allow me to use some heals to help the raid out and bring mobs back to me quicker?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Threat plates help me out a lot. I can see if I am loosing threat on a mob and click easily.
I personally replaced Omen and Recount with Skada. I've never used TauntMaster, but I have to second the recommendation for Tidy Plates: Threat Plates. I really don't think I can tank without it now.
I can barely tank with it. Without was a disaster! Gotta learn somehow right?
Probably would get something to track Vengeance.

Tidy plates / threat plates is a great add-on.

I don't use taunt master, there isn't much of a need for it really

Clique helps with throwing out heals / hand spells. I use Grid in combination, but you can use standard raid frames if you prefer.

Quartz is a nice add-on for Prot paladins, not so much the whole casting bar, but you can see swing timers, etc. which helps quite a bit with proper mitigation.
Here is my setup that has greatly helped me through this progression tier.


Infeh's Vengeance Addon

Vudho Raid Frames


Tidy Plates
- Threat Plates

Deadly Boss Mods

Weak Auras


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