PvP Power JC gems

Do we get them? If not, is Blizzard going to add them?

I've just re-subbed after a break and wondering what the direction of JC is going. As in is it less effective for PvP than BS with the extra PvP gem in the free socket?
BS and JC are not inter-related unless the gear you have has less then 2 sockets for the JC gems. In that case, get better gear.

Right now, BS is (and will likely remain) the only profession with PvP stats, allowing for the socketing of 640 secondary stats or 320 primary stats. It is the single best profession at the moment.

In the 5.2 patch, jewelcrafting should be receiving 6 new cuts, providing 320 PvP stats (base gem being replaced by serpent's eye) plus 160 of your primary stat. This will allow JCs to socket the same gems as a non-JC for PvP while still getting the 320 primary stat crafting profession bonus. Unless the secondary stat PvE serpent's eyes are also boosted to provide 480 secondary stats, JC will still be the worst profession (by a small margin) for PvE.
Do we only get two gems now instead of three?

And what? JC is 480 on a secondary stat behind other prof's?

Doesn't sound good at all.

*and it's not the inter-relatedness. It's the extra socket(s?) that you Put PvP power in to give you a bonus that other professions can't get i.e bonus PvP power.
Gathering professions offer an average of 480 secondary stats in Mists. Crafting professions offer 320 of a primary stat, though some crafting professions also offer a 480 secondary stat bonus. Blacksmithing is the only profession to offer 640 secondary stats, including PvP stats.

The problem with jewelcrafting, is you get to choose between 320 primary stats or 320 secondary stats, not 480 secondary stats, in addition to the stats normally available for the two sockets being filled with serpents eyes. On a 1:1 basis, primary stats are clearly superior to secondary stats. But JC then have to give up the base socket perk (a 2:1 advantage in favor of secondary stats) to get the primary perk. So the comparison is something like 640 primary stats versus 960 secondary stats.

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