<Impetus> T/Th 13/13M LF Exceptional Players

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Roster almost set for 5.2, just need a caster or two.
Need an Off Tank also! Join us for 5.2!
Still looking for a Mage or Shadow Priest for 5.2!
LF Skilled Player! DPS/Healer, DPS/Tank, or Ranged/Melee hybrid is preferred.
Still looking for dps
DPS where are you?
Searching for a superb monk or druid
Also lookin for a potential tank also
Looking for a Shadow Priest
Need a Shadow/Disc and a Boomkin/Guardian
Tired of running with my spore bat spriest needed!
Hey. You there.

No, not you. you are a bad.

YOU! Yeah you.

Come do things with me. Also get in my van. To raid. I have internet in here.
shadow/disc you say?
Aye, Shadow Disc... I say.
Oooooh, shadow/disc.

Also, public service announcement: Never get in Free's van. Ever.

However, we would like you to come raid. Just find alternative transportation/internet.
Looking for a DPS/Tank
Searching for a DPS/Tank, and a very skilled rDPS.
Still searching for a DPS/Tank, ideally a DK
We raid through earthquakes.

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