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Moon Guard
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The pungent odor hung over the forest like a thick blanket, suffocating those down below the canopy. It was the smell of war, and the land of Ashenvale had long grown accustomed to it. The ground below was littered with the tools of battle. Night Elven glaives crackled as they lay in craters, soft flames licking the sturdy, carved wood. Riding Worgs, the battle mount of the Orcs, whimpered as the life slowly drained from their bodies. The fallen remains of soldiers, both Horde and Alliance, were strewn about the clearing. However, there was one form still moving about, careful to step over the fallen bloodsoaked weapons and corpses.

Vol'kuza knelt down beside one of the fallen soldiers, another Troll to be precise. Carefully, he extracted the throwing glaive neatly planted in the corpse's back, tossing it aside. With a grunt, he managed to roll the Troll onto his side, and proceeded to adjust the limp limbs. With great care, Vol'kuza crossed the arms across the chest of the fallen Troll, only after removing an arrowhead from the ribcage. Moving silently, he reached into one of the many pouches strapped along his belt and took out a small wooden vial and proceed to uncork it. He held it over the body, letting three small drops fall from it and into the splattered blood that decorated the chest armor of the dead Troll. He stood back up with a stern grimace upon his face, and picked up a nearby timber from a broken war machine. Vol'kuza held the seemingly uncommon piece of oak in his hand, watching the embers dance along its surface.

Spirits, bless dis fire. Let me fallen bruddah use it ta go safely inta de next life.

He took a deep breath, and tossed the torch onto the corpse. Upon hitting the liquid that Vol'kuza had placed, the flames spread quickly around the body, and the acrid smell of burning flesh filled the air. The Darkspear sighed, watching the sparks of fire flicker off the body in the night.

It had been an hour since Vol'kuza had finished burning the last of the Troll bodies, and the lanky Troll had returned to his sanctuary. To some, it would appear to be nothing but a cave in the side of a mountain, with a simple pile of furs in the corner and a stone cauldron in the center of the room. But to Vol'kuza, this was his home. It was here that he ate, slept, and more importanly, maintained his spiritual life. It was in this cave that Vol'kuza maintained the rituals of old; the rituals that his people had long forgotten. Upon seeing the world for the first time, a direct result of the Shattering, Vol'kuza had deemed it to be unhealthy for his people. They warred. They starved. They worshipped false gods. They went mad.

Vol'kuza sat by his cauldron, lighting a small fire upon the twigs beneath it. The smell of cooking fish quickly filled the small cave, causing a small creature to rustle from beneath the bed furs. The Troll smiled wearily as he spotted Taki, a tiny snake that had been a gift to him from a long gone mate. He held his hand out for the serpent, and it crawled quickly up his arm as fast as it would a branch.

"I have seen too much death for my age, Taki. If only I lived the simple life of a snake as you have."

He stared at the tiny creature as he spoke in his Zandali tongue, as if he was expecting Taki to reply. The snake merely stared back, its beady black eyes flickering in the firelight.

"My attempt to unite the Trolls of the Horde has failed, and I fear for them. The corrupt dragon-beast may be dead, but there is always more. Always more to confront our people. To slaughter us. What do I do, my dear friend? Do I try once more to bring my people together? Or do I maintain my simple existence here?"
Vol'kuza chuckled, now realizing how odd it was to converse with a snake that could not speak in return.

"You know, Taki. You have given me better advice than many, and you have never even said a word since you hatched from your egg."

He stood up, still carrying the diminutive Taki upon his arm, and approached the entrance of the cave. The brisk wind swept around the exposed Troll, refreshing now that the haze of death had been blown away. He looked to the snake once more, this time, a grin upon his face.

"We shall raise our spears once more, my friend. Another unification to fight and defend all we know. For the Loa. And for the Trolls."
Link to Old Thread:

It started as an idea, planted in the young Troll's mind by his wise General. To keep the Trolls together. At any cost. This idea grew in the young Hexxer Vol'kuza's mind as he watched the world and his people suffer from the ever changing elements. Yet still the Trolls warred with one another, slaying those of their own race as other more dangerous forces moved in to seize control over the once great empires. He could not simply watch his people be wiped from the face of Azeroth. From this, as well as from the help of several individuals of diverse tribes, the foundations of The Shadowdrum Tribe were made. Seems familiar, doesn't it?

Disheartened, Vol'kuza left the Tribe and the Horde, seeking a new path. Fate, and the Loa, had different plans. After some time in isolation, the Troll has come to see that it was his purpose to help lead the Trolls, and there was no point in wallowing in self pity. There was work to be done.

<The Antu Bloodguard> is a guild established by Vol'kuza, and the Troll's vision for his people has not diminished as time has gone on. Despite the changing ways of his organization known as The Shadowdrum Tribe, hope was not lost for the hexxer in his attempts to bring together the Trolls as a people. He has seen them slaughtered by the hundreds, yet he knows that there is only one solution to protect his people. War.

As long as the Trolls have existed on the face of Azeroth, they have faced adversity. Aqir, Night Elves, High Elves, Humans...they have all played a part in the crumbling of empires and of the people themselves. <The Antu Bloodguard> seeks to be a rememdy for such acts. The Bloodguard seeks to bring together Trolls from all walks of life under a single war banner, and to not only promote the Troll way of life, but to protect it as well.

<The Antu Bloodguard> began to take a radical approach to promoting the health and safety of their kind, and that has resulted in whispers of rebellion, freeing the Trolls from Orcish law and practices and establishing a home where all Trolls will be able to practice what their ancestors practiced without fear of an iron fist crushing them.

Spreading word of Vol'jin's demise at the hands of the Warchief, the leader of the Bloodguard, Vol'kuza of the Darkspear, took claim to the mantle of Chieftain in the son of Sen'jin's absence. Now, they have re-entered into a tenuous pact with the Horde, allowing the Kor'kron to even patrol the very shores of the Echo Isles themselves. They know they cannot hope to whether the storm that is Hellscream's war machine...not yet, anyway.

The Goals of <The Antu Bloodguard>

1) Promote unity and cooperation between the Trolls of Azeroth.
2) Celebrate traditional Troll culture.
3) To help establish a Horde that is beneficial to the Trolls.
4) To restore the Trolls to former greatness at any cost.
5) To wage war against those who would threaten the Trolls, their land or their culture.
6) To create a settlement in which any Troll, regardless of tribe, will find themselves safe.

Requirements to Join

- You must be a Troll. No exceptions. No "orc raised by Trolls", or "my roommate was a Troll". This is strictly Troll guild. Those in the guild who are not Trolls are the alts of Trolls.
- You are expected to listen to officers, both IC and OOC. If you do not, you will be dealt with accordingly.
- You must know your Troll lore, or at least the lore applying to your particular tribe. If serious flaws are found, and there is no attempts to correct them, then you severely lower your chances of joining.
-Be at least level 20. Recently, we've become a depository for Troll alts.
- Please have basic English skills, and be able to communicate in a coherent manner.
The Antu Bloodguard, the guild, is seperated into 4 semi-transparent subgroups.

Atal'Antu: As a Troll shows more and more dedication to the causes of the Bloodguard, they are granted the status of Atal'antu, Devoted Overseer. These Trolls become the trainers of newbloods and assistants to the leadership of the guild, becoming diplomats and valuable connections to other guilds, both Horde and Alliance.

The Bloodguard: Comprised of the Atal'Alarion (Devoted Guardian) and the Atal'Alor (Devoted to the Temple), this group will serve as the primary military force of the Trolls. Warriors, Headhunters, Witch Doctors, Shadowhunters and more will be exposed to World RP-PvP on a grand scale, between fighting against the Alliance in open battles, sabotaging enemy supply lines, or conducting raids on settlements that found themselves in the Bloodguard's way. Soldiers, scouts, assassins, doctors, and spies will find themselves best suited for the work of the Bloodguard.

The Zul'yudo: The Great Mind, it reads in Zandali, is a group of Trolls who care not for the blood spilled but for knowledge gained. They are the scholars of the Trolls, delving into dangerous ruins and dungeons in hopes of recovering artifacts of the past, or experimenting with different chemicals to bring out truely nasty voodoo. Teachers, philosophers, archaeologists, story tellers, historians, scribes and those interested in the culture of the Trolls would find themselves drawn to the path of the Zul'yudo.

The Deh'yo Tikal: A shadowy organization established long before the existence of the Antu Bloodguard, this group acts beyond the boundaries of nation and politics, pulling the strings around the world in order to make a secure world for the Trolls. This groups is filled with religious zealots, cultural extremists, and silver-tongued diplomats.

When applying or seeking to join, it is best to let us know ahead of time which group you show the most interest in. This will help us in finding the best way for your character to fit into the guild.
What we Participate in:

RP: Roleplaying is our main focus as a guild, and we make sure to have our calender filled with roleplaying opportunities as much as possible. We are also involved in small scale RP-PvP events, usually involving one or two other guilds. Occasionally, we dedicate ourselves to larger scale RP-PvP events, so long as they make sense within our guild storyline.

PvP: While we do not have any RBG/Arena teams, we certainly promote teaming up with guild members to reach those conquest caps and participate in random BGs. It should be noted that those wanting to participate in large scale RP-PvP will have to have a PvP set of some kind, with at least 4 pieces of the season's current gear.

Dungeons/Scenarios: Whenever there is an opportunity to get a guild run of a scenario or dungeon, we make sure to take it. While we don't always make the caps for the week, if a guild member requests a run during low activity, they are almost certain to find people who can tag along.

Raiding: There is no current raid group for <The Antu Bloodguard>. However, we are collecting information on those who would be interested in raiding and will be involved in the new Flex Raiding system when it comes around.

Activity Policy

We have recently been seeing a lull in player activity, and as a result, many people have found themselves kicked from the guild due to inactivity. Because of this, I have chosen to tighten up restrictions on how much activity a player must show if they wish to be a member of the Antu Bloodguard. I do not want this to be a dumping ground for people with Troll alts.

-Players must participate in at least one planned RP event every two weeks. Given that there are up to four events per week, this requirement is more than generous, even compared to our previous rule.

-If you will be absent from WoW for a length of time greater than two weeks, it must be reported to an officer or placed in the Note section of the guild roster. If your character remains offline for a period longer than two weeks, it will be kicked without question.

-If you sign up for an event on the Guild Calender as "Accepted" and do not show up for said event and do not alert an officer, you will be demoted. Three strikes will be the limit for a regular member (Atal'alarion, Atal'alor, Deh'yo Tikal, Zul'yudo) and two strikes for the initiate rank (Rebel).
Volkuza! Have you seen the new troll models!? My fingers are so crossed for them to be the enw character ones. If so.. I will for sure be in the troll community! <3 Hope everything is fab your way :)
New thread. Woop.

Volkuza! Have you seen the new troll models!? My fingers are so crossed for them to be the enw character ones. If so.. I will for sure be in the troll community! <3 Hope everything is fab your way :)

And already it stinks of elf. Thanks, it will take forever to clean this up.
Explain troll druids if you could. I have a druid that used to be tauren but is now a troll. If I wanted to RP on him are all his pre cata achievements moot? Does he half to be darkspear or did druidism go to other tribes? My ultimate question being can I RP as a druid raventusk who is highly racist against blood elfs.
Explain troll druids if you could. I have a druid that used to be tauren but is now a troll. If I wanted to RP on him are all his pre cata achievements moot? Does he half to be darkspear or did druidism go to other tribes? My ultimate question being can I RP as a druid raventusk who is highly racist against blood elfs.

Troll druids, by strictly in game terms, are Darkspear Witch Doctors that were shown and trained in the Emerald Dream by Gonk, the Raptor Loa, in order to keep the wild life of the Echo Isles alive while Zalazane corrupted it with dark voodoo. They were brought into the Cenarion Circle after much convincing by the Tauren.

That means they were on the Isle from the time Zalazane forced half of the Darkspear into mind slavery while the other half fled to the time Vol'jin leads an assault onto the Isles late in WotLK.

However, RP allows for quite a few rules to be bent. Troll professions aren't as rigid as, say, human or orcish professions. Many of the traditional classes can be blended together to create the classic Witch Doctor or Shadow Hunter.

A Druid, based on it's spells alone, would fit well as the Loa Priest class, in my opinion.

Loa Priest (Priest/Shaman/Druid): These Trolls occupy some of the highest positions of Troll society, able to commune and act as an avatar of the Loa in question. The Loa, in return for loyal service, grants the Loa Priest with tremendous power and sometimes even empower the priest by channeling directly through him or her, giving the Troll the form of an ancient animal spirit. (See bosses in Zul'Aman for examples)

Even if a Druid fits well as this Trollish subclass, it could easily fit into a Witch Doctor or Primal role, depending on how you want to roleplay your character.

So far, we have not seen any indication that Trolls other than the Darkspear have had exposure to the Emerald Dream, and therefore, cannot be traditional, Cenarion Circle druids. The exception is that your Troll was taught by another Druid in the Cenarion Circle. Highly unlikely, but I suppose it's possible.

Yes, it is entirely possible for your Revantusk to despise anything that came from the High Elves. The tribe was nearly crushed by the High Elves in the Troll Wars, instilling a most ancient hatred within nearly all Forest Trolls.

Fast forward a bit, the Revantusk find themselves fighting alongside Zul'jin in the Second War. As you can probably guess, they got crushed again and fled for the Hinterlands, where they are today.

Their history with the Blood Elves, despite their continued alliance with the New Horde, is enough to stir feelings of racism towards the Blood Elves.
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I always wonder do trolls lock tusks like stags lock horns?
If you had tusks I would probably still not test it with you.
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Someone explain to me why the undead can feed on the flesh of their own absolutely anywhere and right off the ground, and uncooked and that's pretty cool, but when we do it ritualistically in a civilized manner we get dirty looks and we can't even do that in the horde anymore? It makes no sense.
I assumed that Forsaken consumed raw flesh in order to rebuild their own in some creepy way.

Also, Thrall tried to unite the shamanistic races under one broad umbrella. Which is basically Earthen Ring Shamanism. Which means no ritualistic cannibalism.
01/16/2013 09:45 AMPosted by Bloodytusks
Someone explain to me why the undead can feed on the flesh of their own absolutely anywhere and right off the ground, and uncooked and that's pretty cool, but when we do it ritualistically in a civilized manner we get dirty looks and we can't even do that in the horde anymore? It makes no sense.

Darkspear don't cannibalize anymore, . . . openly.

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