[A] Wipes on Trash 4/16 HM recruiting dps

We're a 10m raiding guild looking for dps classes specifically: hunter, fury warrior, ret paladin, and a tank with dps offspec/gear. Currently 5/6HM in MSV and looking for dedicated players. Mixed group, very easy going but we've all raided since Vanilla or TBC. Progression has been slowed down due to scheduling or holidays, but we want to full clear before patch 5.2. Bnet ID: Soysos#1236 or message Gorehowl, biscuitlol or anyone in guild for specific questions.

Raid Times - Tue/Thurs/Mon: 8pm-12am EASTERN
Please add me xav#1397 I would like to talk for a couple of minutes.
Also, a full time tank with decent dps OS gear would be nice.
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Hi I was looking forward to move to this realm, if possible would like a few words with you (btag: teno#1166)
I'm a warrior tank 494 with fury offspec 485, exp 16/16 N and Blade lord H
added you jojito
When you say "Raid Times - Tue/Thurs/Mon: 8pm-12am EASTERN" is that american eastern?
yeah, eastern standard time, U.S.
Good luck on your search! I had the pleasure of raiding with them in TOES before.. great group and clean run!
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my friend and I are looking for a guild that raids on eastern time as we are from NJ. My main is a pally. I have gear for all 3 specs but ret is my top set. My friends main is a Holy priest. The raid times would be kinda rough for how late they go because we both have to be up early for work ( 5 am) so like 11 would be best for us im not sure if you guys are dead set in the time slots.

We have both raided in the past mainly BC and Wrath and are looking for a good group that fits our schedule

Send me a message in game if you want to chat or reply here and ill get back to you Thanks

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