Hey Blizzard can you make a minor glyph for this that gives it a cosmetic effect.

The reason I ask is because I'd like to be able to see when its gone so I can put it back up.
Woah, I tried weak auras and it was way to confusing.. this is way better.
Thanks a bunch.
do you know what would be really cool? do you remember the shadow mourne effect? make it that but instead of purple the holy light color would be awesome.
Weak auras can be confusing, but it actually has a lot more options than power auras. Still though, if you are just wanting to track inquisition either one is fine.
01/12/2013 04:09 AMPosted by Covahredro
Addons should be the spice, not the continual life support, in all seriousness a game should come with all required play-ability features.

None of the addons listed are actually required. You can get along just fine without them, or any addons at all for that matter.
For the record, it does have a cosmetic effect. It makes your hands sparkle like the old Conviction buff (or old Divine Favor, iirc).

Always makes me nostalgic when I notice it.
Even if it's not absolute necessary, it could be kind of cool as a cosmetic glyph. Sort of like how locks have the glyph of verdant spheres to show their embers/soul shards on their characters. It would give us some bright, glory, holy effect that would become dimmer at around 6 seconds remaining to give you a heads up that it's going to fall off soon.

It'd be nice for them to keep adding new fun glyphs, at, there really isn't anything cool enough for me to use over bubble hearth and slow fall.

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