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Emerald Dream
Welcome all both Alliance and Horde, I greet you with open arms for this post is made to inform and thank everyone for an amazing start on an amazing server. I know that some of you are all wondering why I might possibly be thanking you for something you figure you didn't do, but in a way I am saying you did! Without this current drive on the server of World Player Versus Player it would be difficult for <Warbringer> to exists, so I once again *tips helmet* tip my hat to you all both Horde and Alliance. Now that I have gotten all of the frivolities out of the way it is time to get down to business.

For all of my fellow Alliance guilds and independents we come to your aid in this dark hour as horde guilds such as Warsong Battalion and its many allies pillage our home. The tides are changing and its time to make a stand and purge our streets of there filth. It is my belief that once more the alliance shall stroll the streets of Orgrimar. If you want to join in on some of our world player versus player Guild Leaders please try an make an effort to contact myself of Jalen to organize a time where we can discuss possible epic scale events and have them planned properly. Without proper organization Warbringer will not show, this isn't because we believe that we are better but simply because it is a lot more fun when things aren't such as mess.

For the Alliance, Hail Warbringer!

Warbringer looks forward to many battles organized and not. If interested you may still apply on our website for a special section of our forums without joining the actual guild at www.warbringer.org
Trollers will not be tolerated :)

Thanks everyone for reading this post if you are interested in learning about the guild please continue bellow! If interested in joining Warbringer please visit our website at www.warbringer.org
-- Concerning Warbringer --
Knowing that most of Emerald Dream will never join Warbringer I figure that it might interest some of you where our origins are and how we operate. If so please continue reading below.

1. The Guild and the Guild Master Past: Lylë

Since I (Lyle) had started playing Xbox live when Halo 2 came out I had always had dreams of running a team/clan/guild. I will not try to amaze you with the number of failed attempts I have had in the past with leadership. So I'd like to believe that I am a literal example of falling down and but then getting back up again despite what others said. Anyways ill get back on topic, I started to play World of Warcraft in the early stages of Wrath of the Litch King (Sorry all of you Vanilla players). I started out on Chogall - Horde as a noob pve-er and always got my salad tossed. After about a year I decided that Chogall wasn't the server for me and transferred to The Venture Co (Alliance) where I was introduced player versus player. Having curbed my passion for guild leadership I joined guilds such as The Enclave, Subversion, and Murder Inc. This is when I learned about player versus player leadership and some of the things that really needed to be done to be successful. After The Enclave and other guilds left the server for newer MMO-RPGS I started up The Syndicate. This was my first successful guild that had a great run. We came to rule the server holding Orgrimar for long periods of time, sending the Horde to do there trading in Dalaran (this lasted about 9 months, until the boredom wave of Cataclysm so we shut down). Skipping far into the future about a month ago I was approach by Charax and Mortem when Jalen and I where starting back up The Syndicate on The Venture Co (again). They offered me a Guild Master position in Warbringer, but the one stipulation was that we would all move to Emerald Dream because of the very low population on Venture Co, and I accepted it. (Current Day)

2. The Guild Present
To this day Warbringer is a very active and organized group. We pride ourselves through our World player versus player participation and rated battleground grinding. Currently our guild is ran by nine officer type positions all containing specific jobs that are essential to our daily success. They are listed as the following

    Lyle (Guild Master) – Concentration in the Guild
    Jalen (CO – Guild Master) – Concentration in Rated Battleground Core Group #1
    Charax (Senior Officer) – Concentration in Administration
    Unhlykillian (Senior Officer) – Concentration in Rated Battleground Core Group #2
    Estoppel (Officer) – Concentration in Low MMR Rated Battlegrounds
    Shánk (Officer) – Concentration in Low MMR Rated Battlegrounds
    Restokd (Officer) – Concentration in World Player versus Player
    Ezahelprup (Officer) – Concentration in World Player versus Player
    Iconik (Officer) – Concentration in Social Media Administration
    Lexsi (Officer) – Concentration in Old Raids, Achievements, and Mounts

All of these officers above are the reason why Warbringer is the successful guild that it currently is today. Although I feel as if I have put in a lot of hard work myself not near as much success could have been achieved without their loyal and unrelenting hard work. I hope that this post has helped you see a little into our guild and if it truly interests you please come visit us at, www.warbringer.org

Lyle (Guild Master of Warbringer)
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We're pretty where it counts.

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Bump for great justice.


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We're pretty where it counts.


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We're pretty where it counts.

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Ope, this guy apparently has a vendetta against an officer of the guild.....

cool story.

No vendetta, I just know he's not good.

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