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Guild Recruitment
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Guild: Daybreak
Faction/Realm: Horde / US-Turalyon-PvE
Realm Timezone: EST
Raids: Tuesday – Thursday 11:55PM-2:30AM EST
Web: http://www.daybreakturalyon.com

MISSION: Daybreak is a late night horde raiding guild on the Turalyon-US PVE realm. It's our goal to progress through content as quickly as possible on an alternative and limited schedule by raiding as efficiently as possible. For Mists of Pandaria, our focus is 25 man progression raiding, 3 nights per week. We also have a strong community of PvPers including several gladiators, duelists and 2200+ arena teams.

RAID SCHEDULE: TUE-THUR nights from Midnight-2:30 AM EST. (9:00-11:30 PM PST) This schedule works well for late night east coast players and west coast primetime players. We require very high (>90%) attendance. Advance notice is required for any absences, by posting on the guild forum. *We may raid some Monday nights for progression.*

T14 PROGRESSION: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Daybreak/rating.tier14_25
Mogu’Shan Vaults 25: 5/6H
Heart of Fear 25: 3/6H
Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4

Throne of Thunder: 12/12
Throne of Thunder Heroic: 4/13

PUBLIC LOGS: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/36207/


Ranged Dps – OPEN TO ALL APPS all exceptional apps will be considered!

Melee Dps - OPEN TO ALL APPS all exceptional apps will be considered!

Healers - OPEN all exceptional apps will be considered!

Tanks - OPEN all exceptional apps will be considered!

Who are we looking for? The very best late night raiders! We're looking for excellent WoW players that are left out of or inconvenienced by standard raid times. We are especially looking for people who want to be part of a tight-knit group of mature raiders that hold each other accountable and strive to fulfill their roles in a raid; those who want to see all of the content in WoW with a focus on teamwork and a drama-free attitude. If you're looking to be another face in the crowd or are unwilling to take the time to do your research, we're definitely not for you. However, if you’re looking for the most hardcore guild out there, this probably is not the guild for you either. We provide a friendly and lighthearted atmosphere, while maintaining a progression mindset with time constraints. What we expect you to do is show up on time, be prepared, research your class to the best of your ability, actively participate on our guild forums, perform your assigned role in our raids, and have fun in the process!

Expectations for Recruits seeking immediate raid spots:
Maturity, a good sense of humor and thick skin.
Mumble, a working microphone, and effective communication skills.
Tolerance for constructive criticism and a will to improve.
Respect for the officers.
Your gear should reflect your level of dedication and experience, including appropriate glyph, gem, and reforge choices.

LOOT: Loot is distributed via an officer council of 5 members based on a variety of factors including attendance, necessity and performance.

ABOUT US: Daybreak was formed in April 2009 with the goal of completing the most difficult content in WoW on a manageable and alternative raid schedule. Our core management consists of a group of old friends who have been slaying internet monsters together since 2006. Daybreak is now one of the oldest, most stable 25 man guilds on Turalyon. Some of our past achievements include GotUR(25), Bane of the Fallen King, GotIR(25), Heroic Halion(25), Blackwing's Bane(25), GotCR, Dragonslayer, GotFR, Firelord(25), Savior of Azeroth(25). We also have a strong community of PvPers including several gladiators, duelists, and 2200+ arena teams.

INTERESTED? Apply at http://www.daybreakturalyon.com/

The link to apply is on the left side of the page. Please be sure to read the guild policies section of our public forum before applying.

The application is fairly comprehensive, however If you have additional questions, contact Sativaus, Springz, Swolfzy, Kennypowers, or Figit in game. (We are generally on after 11 PM EST during the week) If we're interested in your application, we will contact you to schedule a brief chat in vent and review your application to see if you're right for us. Be prepared to explain your spec, choice of gear/gems and share some of your past experience with raiding. You should be able to demonstrate to us that you know your class and the new MoP encounters inside and out!
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