RETurn of Eye 4 Eye

E4E needs to make a comeback to fix a gap in the ret spec for pvp.

Ret is dangerous in burst and paladins are easy to cc, so what happens? When ret bursts they get CC'd through most of their burst time, and then ignored for 3 min. It has been this way for a while and nothing has been done to address this. I'm thinking a modified E4E could counter this.

The way I see E4E working is a stacking buff to damage, and possibly run speed which is applied when the paladin is CCd. If the ret is cc'd during their burst, E4E stack is going to carry over the damage increasing buff so the burst CDs aren't totally countered by CC.

Outside of burst, any cc buffs damage to add an increase to overall sustained damage.

Ret has been countered by all forms of CC, whether that is stuns, fears, but also slows and movement reducing abilities of other players. A change like this has been needed for some time. Makes you wonder if the devs are either just happy with ret being gimped, or if they play checkers and not chess.

Edit:: Just want to point out that if this is triggered on player cc only then it should have no impact on PvE. Devs can balance Ret with other DPS specs in PvE and tweak E4E to make ret viable in PvP.

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