Voidbinders Taking a Break in 5.2

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I like the upgrade system because it's another way to get the gearscore up for LFR and the gear offered there instead of the abysmal way Blizz has set up a daily grind fest to get gear.
Paraphrased, I see 'Because we're introducing new top level equipment, we're going to remove a mechanic that gives people with much lower level equipment a bit of a leg up'

Yeah. Um, no. Would seem to me the issue is ilvl ~490 and above are upgradable. I can't see how an ilvl ~460 getting upgraded to ~475 is a threat to new tier equipment (and, may well in fact mean that less folks get to see the new 5.2 content, taking us back to the bad days when it seemed Blizz reserved their raid work for less than 1% of their customer base)
So from how i read this blizzard feels like the player base is not smart enough to make choices on gear?

Pretty silly if you ask me.

Will there be a way for people that don't use valor to buy gear to spend it? BoE's coming back maybe? Or just wasting it?
01/14/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Bashiok
With a new raid tier coming, we don’t want to create a trap where people are wondering what’s more lucrative: spend currency on new items, or on the new gear appearing on vendors?

Instead you are creating a trap where I am once again forced to either not use valor at all, or log in every single day to do dailies for 3 weeks.
The other issue with doing this is it gives ammo to people who want to complain that blizzard does things half-assed (no, not my opinion).

I mean, you launch a new feature- you can buy upgrades for gear with JP/VP. Cool. Oh, we're doing a new raid tier so that feature is going away.

Um... when you designed the feature you knew there would be new raids, right? If you thought this was a genuine problem why do the feature in the first place? If there's an actual problem caused by this that you didn't anticipate, tell us that vs some insulting BS about how we might get confused over how to spend VP.
I think its a bad Idea to remove the vendors for the simple fact it makes it that much harder for the smaller guilds that arent fully up to date to upgrade there gear now, I think a better option would be leave the vendors in but not allow them to modify escept for transmog the new tier pieces until the 5.3 patch comes out, that way we can still use the vendors for our older items, not upgrade the newer items until 5.3 and everyone wins. I am sure you programers at Blizzard can figure out that solution. Also I think its about time you let us transmog our Legedaries, otherwise, whats the point of working so hard to get them only to have them become obsolete in a patch update, it is the only fair thing to do in my opinin.
Yet another kick in the nuts for alts. We now lose the ability to meet LFR iLevel faster by upgrading blue gear with JP. I don't think they really thought this through.
Well this is a bad idea ! You are looking out for raiders i am disabled like a lot of people who play wow and i cant do raids and dungeons. The only way i have to upgrade my gear is buy with valor points from dailies and upgrade it. i cant even upgrade my chest piece or weapon because that requires jp points which this non hero doesnt have. So take away my only way of getting better gear wow makes this game even harder on those of us who cant be raid heros! If that is what this game is coming to raid and dungeons then it isnt for me. By the time you bring it back a year from now I may not be here I would like to enjoy my game while I can. It always about raid !!!!!!!!!!!!!
What about upgrading blue gear with justice? It is very helpful to be able to progress alts into HoF lfr by upgrading some blues if you have bad luck in MV lfr.
So instead of upgrading LFR gear for alts cuz grinding daily's is like squirting lemon juice in your eyes. You're forcing them to do daily's to get gear to spend VP points. If tabards are not coming out for alts then this will pretty much shut down alts all together. The unemployed will be the only ones with raid worthy alts. Should really think about this blizz, gonna kill your subscribers.
I, too, would like to add to the voice of keeping the JP upgrade vendors in place. As others have stated, it is nice to upgrade the 463 weapons to 471 on newly leveled alts. I am not sure if this is feasible from a design point, but if so, please consider it.
keep them away forever
01/14/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Bashiok
With a new raid tier coming, we don’t want to create a trap where people are wondering what’s more lucrative: spend currency on new items, or on the new gear appearing on vendors? (Hint: It’s the new gear on vendors.)

Sounds like the VP gear is far too good if that is the case and not really as optional as it was made to seem like. Than again even the lead developer said that VP gear was too good and not really optional. Seems like the rest of Blizzard is slowly giving into the reality of it.
Posted by Bashiok
(Hint: It’s the new gear on vendors.)

So what you're saying is- the rep grind is required?

Ha ha blizz they got you there huh what really can you say to that ?? is rep gear required or not?
Wall of Text:

First, the item upgrade idea is a great one. It is in fact a valor dump, and it should remain that way. Why? What happens when you're in BiS gear and sitting around waiting for new content? You would still run old content to play with your friends, and be able to upgrade your BiS gear. Since turnabout is fair play, if you're stuck in a certain gear level, be it Raid Finder, Normal or Heroic pieces, you can use valor to give you that extra bit of power to get on with the next step.

In speculation, it seems as though the only reason for removing this feature is to remove the need to make the next raid tier higher than a 510 item level out of the Raid Finder version, making the normal and heroic version 517, and 525 respectively.

Why Blizzard shouldn't:
Add even more rep grinds for valor gear... They're lame, time consuming and there is no thrill at the end. They talk constantly about not making the game easy mode, and having everything auto drop, to make the thrill of when it happens exciting. Then add rediculously long and abritrary reputation grinds for nothing. By the time you've earned the rep to buy a piece, you'll likely have better, or comparable. Why bother?

Remove the Valor upgrades: Self explainitory, really. Removing this feature isn't like adding (and subsequently removing) a secondary stat for an entire expansion (Armor Pen anyone?). It's adding and removing a feature on command. Let's face facts: If you can't tell that buying a 489 (1250-2200 VP) is better than upgrading a 476 to 480, and then to 484 (1500 VP) then please, go back and do your math homework.

This feature should stay, but if you have to remove it, keep it gone. It's one of Mists key features, and is actually better than 90% of the other features. I can't argue with pandas, but 6 cooking factions? Daily rep grinds? Buying your farm to add even more rep? These are all sub-par features... even if you were to add those little gems, such as 100% increased rep on accounts that have reached revered status. Even the Black Market Auction House was a bust. It was an exciting idea, but it's fallen short, filled with brawlers guild invites, and tier 3 for transmog, the odd heroic gem, but only 2-4 items on it at any given time.

In all honesty, keep it. And allow players to sell Soul-Bound items on the BMAH, that would give you 2 Key features that are just crazy awesome. Yes, crazy awesome.
Just like others, I agree that the JP should stay as it allows to upgrade 458 (rep purchaseable's to be upgraded) as well as 463 to 471 which makes it easier to get into HOF LFRs when loot rolls don't go your way.
01/14/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Bashiok
(Hint: It’s the new gear on vendors.) To

Not with the way you itemize vendor gear it isn't, which is why the upgraders are being removed in order to force people back into doing dailies again.

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