Voidbinders Taking a Break in 5.2

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I agree with one exception,,,, Weapons..... I doubt that weapon drops are gonna be as easy as all the other slots and haveing the option to upgrade a weapon is still in many case's a better option then buying other slots.

please let 5.2 wait for a few weeks then, i haven't gotten the valor to upgrade my weapon yet.
More blocks for us casuals. What about those of us who won't be able to step into raid encounters? how do we get better gear? dailies? LFR ???? LFR doesn't drop gear
Hopefully the voidbinders will be studying the difference between old and current items on their vacation. That way, they won't have to take a vacation every other patch.
01/16/2013 06:55 AMPosted by Kenshiv
I think you have it wrong, without pvp this game would not exist the entire Warcraft series is player vs player. With that being said go to your server tab and click sort by population the top several full servers are PvP. I use to do some pve but no way in hell will I grind dailies and join lame LFR to get no gear, they had a good setup in cats for raids and valor get then screwed it up with this endless grind in mop, most of us have jobs me lives and more then one character I'm sorry but under current system I can not have my alt healer mess around in raids or heroics because the valor is worthless to her.

Wall of text -

I wish I could remeber where I found Blizzard saying that PvP was an option but not focus. It was a long time ago. Before a major change in the Blizzard enviroment.

PvPers are them main complainers. "Put in someting to reward us in BGs, gold etc" an so on.

Many are the gold beggers and the ones that take from guilds and do not contribute to the guild.

Now I know not all do such things but there are more 'leets' doing such.
Instead of limiting people by assuming how we would want to spend our jp and vp, why not just let us do what we want with it.

If It makes us happy to spend points upgrading some old stuff or some completely op old trinket that we know we are not going to replace for a long while let us. What if we get some new completely op item and know we won't be getting a upgrade for a while because other people need to get gear too in their raid? What if there is some old peice of gear we want to buy with our hard earned points because we like how it looks for transmog, should you remove all other gear vendors then until 5.3?

Heck if we want to shove our jp and vp up our nose's and run around with our pants on ours heads singing yankee doodle, YOU SHOULD LET US. Let people play your game how they want to instead of forcing us to do things the way you think we should.
Don't tell me what I can and can't do!

Oh, and I'll be enjoying buying off the vendors since I have horrible luck with RNG.
yeah LFR only generates Mogus 28g 50s
Gear upgrade is one of the few things I do like about MoP. It makes gearing up less grinding, because we don't control what drops. I really hate to see that option taken away.
Seems unnecessary to make a change for the sake of protecting players from themselves. The whole point in playing a game is to incur the risk of accidentally doing something silly if you're not paying attention.
as long as you dont take the transmog/voidbank away you can take a as many things as you want lol, transmog is the only thing i cared about in the etherals world lol
I very much appreciate the heads up on this change! I'm a raider that has only ever bought one piece of VP gear in MoP so item upgrade gave me a reason to VP cap each week. I sincerely hope item upgrade will come back in 5.3.
I understand that part of the reason for this is to encourage folks to spend currency on new items being introduced with the patch.

There's clearly going to be new VP gear, and you want to encourage people to go for the new VP gear instead of spending it on upgrades. I get that.

There's going to be new CP gear, and the same follows. Okay.

Some current CP gear is going to be turned into HP gear, so HP should be spent on that instead of on upgrades. Okay.

What about JP? It sounds like older VP gear, instead of being made available for JP, is going to cost less VP. Is new, more powerful JP gear coming? What "should" folks spend JP on once 5.2 lands?
yes im going to gripe,i dont like this at all,they should be in every patch wether raid tier or not.maybe i pick up a piece in new raid and want to waste my valor as you put it blizz to upgrade the piece i got.it is a option i like to have.
this is a horrible idea because im still going to be running terrace of springs for sha -touched weapons that im gonna want to upgrade in order to stay competitive with the new tiers.

stuck with a 483 weapon is really gonna hinder my performance
Yet again another PvE aspect change, What about the PvP side? No upgrades for us? The majority of your player base don't even care about PvE.
Just make up your mind blizz either let us upgrade our gear no matter what patch were in or don't let us upgrade at all. Adding then removing a feature from the game every few months sounds to me like you want qq every couple of months.
I for one hate this 100% and have no idea where they get off making me sit at full cap VP for god knows how long. I just don't understand WHO is confused by having this as an option. This all sounds like a load of Dook.
With a new raid tier coming, we don’t want to create a trap where people are wondering what’s more lucrative: spend currency on new items, or on the new gear appearing on vendors? (Hint: It’s the new gear on vendors.) To help ensure we’re not indirectly encouraging anyone to spend their currency somewhere they probably shouldn’t, the item upgraders will be taking a break.

Are you saying this tier of gear is available for those who DO NOT raid? If not, what vendor options will non-raiders have to improve gear stats?

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