Voidbinders Taking a Break in 5.2

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If you still happen to have some of the upgraded gear when it returns, will you have to upgrade it again or will it be returned?
I would like to sugest the following (if already sugested, sorry, but there are too much pages to read D:)
Edit: as I thought, it's already suggested, so I keep with it :D

Remove upgrade only for epics.

I sugest it because as a casual player, until I had enough item level to join 470 LFR, I used to improve my blues with justice points... (it took me +/- 3 weeks, sadly with no items from LFR 460...)

If the voidbinders didnt helped me with this... I think I would still be locked under 470 =(

Sorry if I couldnt express me too clear, but english isn't my primary language.

Thank you.
I'd honestly say they should just remove the ability to upgrade epic gear and leave the ability to upgrade heroic dungeon gear. This would still benefit many players that have issues getting gear drops and need that little extra nudge to improve their item level and not be over powered. Blizzard should take this in consideration to keep most players happy instead of taking away. This addition most likely increased time players spent in the game farming justice points to upgrade gear after all "time" is money is it not. The solution is simple so why remove it completely. Keep us somewhat happy and keep the vendor, but make this small change. Is this a good idea?
01/20/2013 11:37 AMPosted by Whisperlash
...I still dont have an item level high enough to get into all of the LFR because I haven't gotten lucky with drops and getting Valor through dailies takes weeks upon weeks to gather enough to buy one piece of gear....sigh....any hope for those players who are not gifted with lucky roles and the ability to play more than 4 hours every day?

Have you worked on the dailies that were introduced in 5.1? The gear there is 496 ilvl.
Even Ethereals need a vacation, and the item upgraders (Voidbinders), are no exception. They’re saying they need to go home to take care of business arrangements, but … I’m not convinced. I think they’re just homesick for their ‘space mummy’ families.

Ok ok, fourth wall broken, we’re actually just temporarily removing them from the game for 5.2 due to the new raid tier. The idea with the item upgrade system is that it’s a way to spend currency on upgrading items when buying new items isn’t the clear path. Either you’ve bought everything, or at least most of them, and then spend currency to get that extra *oomph*. With a new raid tier coming, we don’t want to create a trap where people are wondering what’s more lucrative: spend currency on new items, or on the new gear appearing on vendors? (Hint: It’s the new gear on vendors.) To help ensure we’re not indirectly encouraging anyone to spend their currency somewhere they probably shouldn’t, the item upgraders will be taking a break.

Right now we’re planning for them to return in 5.3, which will not have a raid tier, and offer upgrades again as people will have likely have some currency to burn. We’re not sure yet if we’ll continue this cycle of having them take a break for raid patches and then come back in non-raid patches, but we’ll continue evaluating as we go, absorb feedback, and let you know how these plans evolve.

What about my PVP gear! This contradicts Ghostcrawlers remarks on upgrades in 5.2 and the purposeful delay of other pvp gear until 5.3.
No response from Blizzard on keeping JP vendors? I can understand why new 5.2 epics should not be upgradable with VP right away, but everything from 5.1 or prior should be upgradable with JP.

Otherwise everyone who has not gotten a sha touched weapon yet will not be able to match everyone who has and upgraded it. Really hope they think this through and come to their senses and realize what impact this has in gear progression. What they are essentially doing is removing items from the game.
The upgrade system was the only reason to keep running dungeons once you've valor pointed your gear set.
Any idea how to get jp without heroics or chainrunning scenarios? I need to upgrade my blue weapon. Gueess I have to hurry to upgrade my boa staff too. Weapons are so rare.
Agreed, remove this nonsense from the PvP gear at least.....
01/22/2013 09:29 AMPosted by Ilsewitch
I haven't gotten to use the upgrader even once yet.. I'm really beginning to question if this game is worth the money that I spend on it anymore..

Agreed. I've been trying to purchase rep gear, but it's taking months just to get a few pieces here and there. I'd like to upgrade some of my gear, but I guess I'm SoL. Blizzard likes to troll us at every turn. Rep gear? Haha good luck getting enough valor points for it. Upgrades? We're removing the NPC. LFR Loot? Have fun getting side-grades and duplicate items.

Gearing up outside of normal raiding is a joke right now.
This is absurd.

They are taking our Justice / Valor / Honor / Conquest credits and going on a lucrative vacation.

...Can I go too?
Oh, so all the mal gear I have that needs upgrades will never be upgraded after patch... that's a shame, I thought I was going to do a ton of normal BGs for honor to upgrade them (as I thought others would - making normal BGs packed with action)... but that's gone?

That really takes the shine off 5.2 for me - I thought most of these changes were to encourage play, not discourage play. (I don't raid, I won't raid, I don't give a crap about raid gear, and I never will - so stop hurting my PVP experience for reasons I don't care about).

So again, it will be a game I play for 1 day a week to cp cap? That's too bad. I wish Blizzard could find a way to make the game fun to play for 7 days a week... is that too much to ask?
Will the items I have already upgraded remain upgraded, and if not will the VP I have spent be refunded?
Your gear will stay upgraded which makes the removal unfair to those who will not have had a chance to do so (late starters, bad luck with RNG, non-raiders, players who enjoy alts and don't cap every week, alts, etc). Also, plenty of players who don't raid which means no gear to buy for vp. Guess I'll take a break (or would do so if I had all the vp gear from the daily factions).

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