Voidbinders Taking a Break in 5.2

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I would like to sugest the following (if already sugested, sorry, but there are too much pages to read D:)
Edit: as I thought, it's already suggested, so I keep with it :D

Remove upgrade only for epics.

I sugest it because as a casual player, until I had enough item level to join 470 LFR, I used to improve my blues with justice points... (it took me +/- 3 weeks, sadly with no items from LFR 460...)

If the voidbinders didnt helped me with this... I think I would still be locked under 470 =(

Sorry if I couldnt express me too clear, but english isn't my primary language.

Thank you.

Okay,So there is a difference. I have grinded heroics and LFR on my warrior every week for 5 consecutive weeks and have yet to reach 470 il. I find this a complete discouragement from pve and seeing as I am a tank their is LITERALLY only one tank set IN THE ENTIRE GAME from heroics. I am missing a 463 helm and pants. I ran heroics one after another non-stop for 4 days and did all heroics an average of 10 times each in about 1 and a half days. I find that the practicality in the drop rates on tank gear is in-balanced and encourages most tanks to get carried in low raids like Moshu'gan (or grind the ridiculousness of the golden lotus rep for vendor 476 epics)

The only possible way for me to get even 465il atm is from upgrading and I still lack which seems to me a waste of development time in all due honesty.

Oh, so all the mal gear I have that needs upgrades will never be upgraded after patch... that's a shame, I thought I was going to do a ton of normal BGs for honor to upgrade them (as I thought others would - making normal BGs packed with action)... but that's gone?

That really takes the shine off 5.2 for me - I thought most of these changes were to encourage play, not discourage play. (I don't raid, I won't raid, I don't give a crap about raid gear, and I never will - so stop hurting my PVP experience for reasons I don't care about).

So again, it will be a game I play for 1 day a week to cp cap? That's too bad. I wish Blizzard could find a way to make the game fun to play for 7 days a week... is that too much to ask?

So,Here is the problem with your comment. Alright so I totally agree with the aspect of encouraging people to do random BG's and to actually play after 1 day a week for cap. Heres something you have to understand with that. If you increase the amount of people queing into Arenas and RBG's (Playing after cap) you get a HUGE cluster in the 1500 and 2k brackets. This literally makes it a field that makes players that would otherwise pass it up with ease lose rating and get caught up in the trench along with the others. The only upside to increasing the quantity of ques in arenas and RBG's is the fact that you would hardly get farmed or farm another team due to you fighting a different team every match.

I can see where you're coming from but it would lead to disaster if this happend. Blizzard made a huge mess up when they released upgrading. It is something that truly should not exist.
If you are full malevolent with 0 upgrades but you have t2,Someone who has full upgrades and full malevolent can EASILY out damage and out tank you without even trying. I feel like this is something that is broken.

You either have t2 be godlike and roflstomp everyone who doesn't have it,OR it gives nothing special and is SOLEY for transmog and looks.

Thats just my sense and hopefully some agree,to those that don't you are entitled to your opinions and if you have a good point that can be backed up then all the best to you. :D
If you could put the NPCs in beach chairs on the beach in Karasong Wilds with some flavor text. That would be a great joke.

I think they should keep it for Justice and Honor. The currencies are already looking pretty pointless even with upgrades.
I wish item upgrading would still be in 5.2
To me if you can't figure out what to upgrade that would be your own fault
01/14/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Bashiok
Right now we’re planning for them to return in 5.3, which will not have a raid tier, and offer upgrades again as people will have likely have some currency to burn.

Is the 3k cap on valor staying then? Even now I'm spending it on pointless items/upgrades just so I'm not capped when the next week starts.
Bashiok you changed your avatar /tear
I couldn't care less about the upgraders .... why does the REFORGER seem to also be grey'd out? I've got a lot of Mastery that needs reforging to Hit & Crit .....

You aren't 90?
I care about the upgraders because I wont be getting new gear in 5.2 since vp gear is connected to the raid faction. And Blizz can't offer enough rewards to have me queue for LFR every week.
Bahiok, please stop doing this. You tend to irritate a lot of people by adding something to the game and then removing it at will. What are we suppose to do now with our gear that needs to be upgraded 1 or 2 times? Sit on it for several months until 5.3 comes out? UGH!

I use my valor at the factions to get the gear from the dailies...I guess now I will have to reconsider the dailies and just grind heroics..GASP!
Even Ethereals need a vacation, and the item upgraders (Voidbinders), are no exception. They’re saying they need to go home to take care of business arrangements, but … I’m not convinced. I think they’re just homesick for their ‘space mummy’ families.

Ok ok, fourth wall broken, we’re actually just temporarily removing them from the game for 5.2 due to the new raid tier. The idea with the item upgrade system is that it’s a way to spend currency on upgrading items when buying new items isn’t the clear path. Either you’ve bought everything, or at least most of them, and then spend currency to get that extra *oomph*. With a new raid tier coming, we don’t want to create a trap where people are wondering what’s more lucrative: spend currency on new items, or on the new gear appearing on vendors? (Hint: It’s the new gear on vendors.) To help ensure we’re not indirectly encouraging anyone to spend their currency somewhere they probably shouldn’t, the item upgraders will be taking a break.

Right now we’re planning for them to return in 5.3, which will not have a raid tier, and offer upgrades again as people will have likely have some currency to burn. We’re not sure yet if we’ll continue this cycle of having them take a break for raid patches and then come back in non-raid patches, but we’ll continue evaluating as we go, absorb feedback, and let you know how these plans evolve.

It would just be nice to have a clear path to even get gear.

I think LFR was a mistake. Trade chat group finding actually worked for the most part and gear flowed better. Now you LFR cuz no guild or group wants someone with blues and you just get gold forever.

I remember being in blues doing Naxx at level 60 and being effective. And I remember one guild on Crushridge i think decided to reroll and got all the way to Naxx (the end game raid) with over 70% of the guild in blues.

Seems to me gear optimization is overused and is a hinderance. You should better balance your raids so this level of optimization is not required yet still challenging from a strategy perspective.

seems to me if I wait long enough in an expansion I will get gear at a better rate of progression without having to rep grind. So I should just end my subscription and do something else. Most of the old timers i know actually do that, they wait until the last few months of an expansion to take it all in.
oh, and just an fyi, the most fun i ever had in this game was the .5 quest line.

if your going to make people quest for gear, make it a quest line not a rep grind. I refuse to rep grind personally and if it means I don't play much i don't have a problem with that. After doing .5 I know what gear by questing can be if you guys worked at it. So the grind i will have nothing of.

Make the game interesting for questers, stop being a lazy developer.

As for gear in raids, the boss dies, he drops gear. That should be it. Any more complexity than that is a waste of time.

As for tokens, i think you as a developer should be forced to make drops work, I think tolkens for gear is more lazy development. Pure LAZY development. You guys just gave up on trying to make drops work.
You aren't 90?

That must have been it, but it's wierd ... I'd swear I was reforging gear around level 85 or so. Maybe I was, & just had a brain-fart & forgot how to do it.

Anyway, the reforger never left, so I feel like a dunce for thinking he had. No biggie.
I never tried to reforge gear below endlvl.
Upgrading rare heroic gear with jp is all that made sense to me in the upgrade system to begin with in pve. That should stay. The rest should just go.
my guess is there will be new jp/vp items that will easily allow alts to run the 5.1 raids
I like the idea of bringing them back on non raid patches. Good idea!..

Now just give us something useful to spend justice points on instead... or turn em all into gold... cuz theyre useless
If doing dailies is needed for rep gear vendor I give up....
02/07/2013 01:32 PMPosted by Behodamis
If doing dailies is needed for rep gear vendor I give up....

It's raid faction this time.
Why do you guys continually screw over your customer base for raids? Not everyone raids, maybe cutting should be tied to your paycheck, because obviously performance and work aren't needed from your side, you just keep making crap up like this. It is why you keep losing customers.

And yes, you HAVE bold face lied to us several times, still waiting for my riding crop to come back or be replaced like you PROMISED US.
This is a stupid idea. I barely started playing and I'm getting left behind. now I am losing another method to get my gear up to par. Thank Blizzard.

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