Voidbinders Taking a Break in 5.2

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Yeah while those guys are on vacation they might think about more customer friendly price/service approaches.
Referring to alt server transfer/character...
$25 for each char super justified for a 15min automated process.
Maybe you can allow every three month a roster transfer for 25 so people do not abuse it.
But hey gold diggers are gold diggers....
Other games free to play, low cost services
WoW monthly sub and high cost for services which are automated.
I don't like it.
Not sure - but if completing the new raids is the only way to gain rep with the faction with the new VP gear, how am I supposed to get the iLvl required to actually get into those raids?

Dailies? Man, that sounds like fun....meh.
Let me see if I get this straight. This expansion started with awful rep grinding that puts almost any previous such grind to shame, as well as an awful loot scheme that was designed to artificially slow down people from raiding so fast (I guess so we'd under-appreciate their big expansion design more, or some such silly reason).

Then, suddenly, we're not raiding fast enough, apparently because (big gasp) we aren't getting enough gear fast enough to start raiding. So rather than fix the problem, which was the awful loot system, they come up with another great scheme: the item upgrade system. Now, it STILL takes forever to get loot, only you actually are guaranteed to get it after X number of heroics, LFRs, and/or dailies because now you can spend VP to get better gear that you already spent VP on. Oh, but forget about raising the VP cap, obviously that would definitely allow you to move any quicker.

And now that new content is out... now they are yanking even the item upgrade pretense of gearing up from the game? Then we get VP dumped, and get to grind up AGAIN for gear with yet another faction, and our cookie isn't that JP mean a damn thing but rather that the old VP gear now costs slightly less VP, meaning you still get to feel like this game has become more of a job than it ever has, and the gear isn't a reward gating you to further content, but an actual obstacle to content because you have the usual ilvl bar to cross and it takes forever and a day to cross it.

So. What's next? Perhaps you'd like to randomly disenchant some raid or PVP gear right off our bodies, make us take a couple of steps back that way. Oh, I know! Let's add some new, extra currency or token to the mix. Nothing says our money is paying for some great development like extra currency to justify terrible design decisions, like the Lesser Charm of Good Forture, or Mogu Turds, or whatever you have to add to cover up the fact that you're not fixing the problem (lack of gear progress) by adding a new one (artificially denying access to said gear with some roadblock).

Very nice, indeed.
Can I make a suggestion, that perhaps something along the lines of an "Upgrade token" can drop from any random mob, and said item would be BOP and have an appropriately low chance of dropping. AND, may I suggest that the droprate on these tokens would be the same as say...SKYSHARD's?

You'd take this token to the nice ethereal people and they'd ask you what to upgrade.

Basically you would be replacing the cost with tokens instead of valor.

I would see a twofold benefit of taking this approach:

1) It would be obvious where to spend valor points
2) Killing of random mobs/daily mobs would become more attractive.

Please consider letting the JP upgrades stick around for new players and alts. It's not like there's much else to do with JP, anyway.
My problem with this really is not the cost of upgrades. It's the fact that vp gear is gated behind a raidfaction (like everybody is raiding every week). So even if I gain any vp after getting every upgrade of the faction vendors from 5.0/5.1 I'm stuck.

If the upgrade vendors would stay I could spend my vp on them. But at least I can take a break and come back 5.3 because I like playing alts and will most certainly not do LFG more then once every 2-3 weeks per toon. I hope 5.3 then offers again ways to spend vp for casuals like me.
Blizzard, I really don't agree with this. You gave us a choice and now you're taking it away for an entire patch - not cool.

PLEASE reconsider taking away gear upgrades in the next patch. I am on board with you in that concept of spending valor on gear first before upgrading. It's more economical, gives a higher ilevel in the long run, and will keep creating incentive to continue earning valor after spending it on gear. If other players do not see this, they are not being educated. If they still make the choice to spend valor on lower gear upgrades, you have given them that option. Let us keep our options and make our choices.

Without upgrades, gearing up our toons will be encumbered. I spend a lot of time finding the right gear for my 2 specs and for the way I play. Some of that is Valor gear, some is raid loot, and then there are the acclaimed DMF relics. They are "only" ilevel 476 but they are packing a whole lot of punch. They cost a considerable amount which is taking me some time to save, but something like that may be worth the upgrades - not going to happen with the impending doom of no upgrades in 5.2.

Now that I have this toon at a high level, losing gear upgrades for Patch 5.2 takes away incentive to keep grinding for Valor. It will also speed up this tier's gear obsolescence. These are a lot of good points that will suffer simply because players are not being educated on gearing economics. Taking away our choices for lack of education is unreasonable. Keep the space mummies!
I've thought about this even more. I'm raiding now and finding teammates few and far between that farm dailies for gear rep. Most toons seem to be getting vp from heroics and lfrs, then use the vp to upgrade - bypassing the valor gear route. It seems this is what Blizzard is opposed to, but in many other respects Blizzard loves to give us choices. And this isn't the first time that Blizzard planned out the game to follow a certain course of action and players found loopholes and exploits. Blizzard's response sometimes was to hotfix it and other times to step back and allow players' ingenuity to reign. They've said so in their blue posts.

Blizzard gives us lots of options in the game. Designing and enforcing a single path to gear up goes against that spirit. Doing dailies for 3 months is tedious. It takes dedication. In my case, OCD (lol). I felt that I couldn't stand to lose what I could earn in a day, that I'd be wasting the day. But not everyone does or should be compelled to follow that route.

I've seen something else. There are a significant number of players that equip 450 pvp gear to get into heroics. I've seen 450 pvp gear in lfr, too. This hurts the pug team and makes us struggle to get through the fights. People do not want to be compelled to farm factions to get gear.

I hope no one reading this thinks, "well, we just need to get rid of the crafted 450 pvp gear." But that's the same idea behind Blizzard removing gear upgrades. I don't see what the problem would be of implementing crafted 450 pve gear. People are taking advantage of the item level in crafted gear, but it's design for pvp is hurting pve pugs.

Personally, I don't think I skipped one day in farming dailies for valor gear rep. I am exalted with OS, GL, SP, AC, and the Klaxxi. Because of this, my item level is about 10 or so higher than a lot of the toons I'm raiding with and I don't have a single piece of gear upgraded yet. I started late, too. I decided I was going to max out my druid & use him as my "main" at the release of MoP and he was only level 60 then. I hit 90 in November, farmed dailies, got into heroics, then lfrs. I started MSV regular last month. This is the route that Blizzard seems to want to enforce, but I've lost a lot of gear upgrade options. Options - that's what this is about. Please keep them open.
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The valor upgrade vendor needs to die in a fire.
I know this might sound crazy...but why not let the players decide how to spend their points? You said Blizzard wanted to guide people to the right choice. That's a little communistic (Is that a word?). Anyhow, I feel like the binders were awesome for someone that was trying to get to 470 to do the next tier of LFR. If your concern was for people with the new tiers, why not just make it unavailable for gear of a certain ilvl, such as the new tier? I don't know. Maybe that's just too easy of an answer and that suggestion is impossible.
Blizzard need to remove the words Upgrade from gear here at site, you click on anyone profile or look for gear here at usbattllenet and all say upgrade
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