Ordained 25 Man [16/16] LF Raiders


Ordained is a 25 Man progression guild that has cleared all normal modes of the first tier of MOP and is looking to progress Heroic modes. We also have a 10 man that is currently [4/6] Heroic Mode MSV.

We had a rough transition coming from DS to MOP being a full one night [7/7] H clear of DS. Recently we have shifted it to high gear and are downing 2-3 progression bosses in 25 Man every week. We plan to keep this momentum and translate it into heroic content.

At the moment we are looking for specifically: Fury Warriors, Resto Shamans, Resto Druids, and Warlocks. We are also always in search of exceptionally skilled players of any other class/spec.

If you are interested please visit ordained.avidgaming.net and fill out an application. Also if you had additional questions or want to chat on vent please either whisper me in game or leave me a in-game mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some information about Ordained:
  • Our primary focus is 25 Man Progression and always will continue to be so.
  • Our Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday (8:30 P.M Server to 11:30 P.M Server)
  • We follow epgp for our loot distribution
  • We highly value the raid's time and effort, therefore, unannounced AFKs and constantly failing to mechanics is not tolerated. (5 minutes of one person's time is 120 minutes of rest of the 24 people's time.)
  • We like to have fun, we enjoy playing with each other, and have a good sense of community.

If you have any further questions regarding our timing, rules, or loot policy; the guild website would be a great place to get those answered.

Thank you for your time.
http://ordained.avidgaming.net/ come visit us.
we have cake, and that is no lie.
da @!##*@@. Quix told me there was no cake -_-
Miss you cuties. <3

Miss you cuties. <3


+1 for real fatality
woah, there are only 7 bosses in Dragon Soul?
I thought there was 9 including the Ultraxion trash. Oh well. Come kill stuff with us.
Are you guys interested in an ele shaman?
Miss you cuties. <3


+1 for real fatality

More like +10
3 heroic kills down
Looking for a good lock.
01/29/2013 12:42 AMPosted by Xiani

Unable to raid. :(
Would really like to buy Shammy or MW heals. All exceptional applicants considered.
We have cakes!

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