<Modan Co>is hiring! (Alliance RP)

Moon Guard
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Hours had passed to the point where Ailde stopped wondering how many times she blanked out for. Of course, she was physically present in the Ironforge lecture hall with other Dwarves, Gnomes and the occasional human. Mentally, her mind drifted to sporadic places. One moment, she was wandering on the beach of Stranglethorn Vale-which, of course, in her day dream was free of Naga and pirates.

The other, she was standing on the very top of Storm Peaks, listening to the howling winds. This was always her favorite thought. In it, Ailde always reached upward and plucked one of the brilliant stars like pins. How small and insignificant we are, she told herself. It was hard to believe Storm Peaks shared the same Azeroth as Tirisfal Glades or Felwood.

She must have relished in her own thoughts for some time, for the muffled voice of the Stormpike professor grew dimmer like the dull lights that filled the hall. Of course, the warlock didn't mind. Its not like Professor Haelga Galehowl was going to mention anything important. How and why the elder Dwarf was interested in the Modan company somewhat befuddled Ailde. True, the company had been around for quite sometime and their exploration was known to those interested in archaeology.

But, Professor Galehowl always thought so lowly of an organization based out of Khaz Modan opening their doors to other races. According to her, the Elves, Pandaren and Draenei would never understand the significance of the Titans like a human, Gnome and most importantly, a Dwarf. There had been countless times in the past where Ailde had to listen to Haelga Galehowl's air of superiority.

Oh, it had nothing to do with race for Ailde. The Ironforge native could never stomach prissy Stormpike Dwarves completely. But, for the sake of business she sure did kiss up to those present in the Explorers' League. Her voice always rung with confidence whenever she spoke of Modan Co's recent exploits, even if it was a subject the League did not have their radar on.

In the mind's eye of the warlock, her pale hands were reaching out to pluck one of the many stars of Storm Peaks until the hag's voice shattered her dreams.

"Ailde Denhollow," Haelga's pitch echoed across the lecture hall. In unison, many faces turned to face her. The warlock silently hoped her cheeks did not flare into an embarrassed blush. She sure as hell didn't know who was who.

Ailde's large brown eyes flickered across the room until they found the elderly Dwarf who was stooping just a tad in front of an open map of Pandaria. She waited for Haelga to scold her for not paying attention or to ask a question. Instead, the old hag hobbled across the room with a dossier and handed it to a pink haired Gnome sitting in the front row. In perfect sequence, the Gnome lass turned around to pass the dossier back to a Dark Iron Dwarf, who then handed it to a human. Eventually, after two humans and surprisingly, a High Elf, the dossier reached Ailde's palms.

"The lion's roar from Stormwind can be felt across Azeroth," Haelga began, fat withered hands resting on an ancient cane. "The Explorer's League has been sent to Pandaria to secure dig sites, as well as a plethora of other like minded organizations. I trust your...company can do the same?"

The question floored Ailde. Of course, she did not doubt the company's capability in exploring untouched ruins or waltzing in a new continent. She did not predict the expectation of the Explorer's League to weigh down on her. But, she wasn't sure if it was their expectation or the fact the eyes of strangers watched her in silent judgement.

"Denhollow," Haelga's voice thundered with impatience.

The Dwarf bobbed her head into a dutiful nod, appearing as if she just yanked herself from a violent storm It was hard to imagine this was the same Ailde who wore a smug grin and known for her no nonsense temper. "Aye. We can do the same," she responded.

And so, Haelga continued, listing what had to be done for the League but Ailde was too shocked to listen. The echoed demands of King Varian and the rest of the Alliance began to rain down on Ailde like Horde bombs in Krasarang Wilds.
Posted fliers can be seen spanned across Alliance cities, towns and outposts:

Good People of the Alliance,
Those who entitle themselves as explorers, professors, soldiers of fortune, smiths or even peasants. It does not matter what brand weighs on your shoulders. If you have a zest for knowledge and wish to forge it into a possibility, if wanderlust has struck your hearts and yet you wish to make some coin for your honest labor--then look no further.

The <Modan Co> is an archaeology based guild straight out of Ironforge. However, our doors are open to all races. With the eyes of the Alliance on Pandaria, its of little to no surprise it has also sparked interest of the Modan company, but we also want to have our feet on other continents. Remember, there is something out there waiting to be known.

Building the legacy of a forgotten or known past is also serving duty to your family and respective kingdom. Why leave untouched ruins to grave robbers and the Reliquary, the same 'organization' known for tainting the good name of 'research' all for the sake of power? Knowledge should not go to waste and as known from history, some of the most brilliant minds conquered lands. True, we may not be warlords but a mind should be as sharp as a blade.

Applications are to be sent to South Gate Outpost. Anyone with inquiries should direct them to Aillde Denhollow, Degrasso Atkinson, Arryka Starstrider or Saigio Talorsin.

Create destiny for yourself and the future!

For expansive minds and glory to the Alliance.

Ailde Denhollow
And finally, the OOC tidbit:

What is <Modan Co>?
As the IC portion of the recruitment says, we're an archaeology based guild. We were formed approximately 5 years ago and are still going strong, thanks to the creativity of dedicated members. We're not focused on one particular subject or culture--instead we investigate all there is to know about Azeroth and Outland. We're not the Explorers' League but ICly, have been known to take jobs from them and other people and organizations as well.

We place RP first. PvE and PVP is done by individual preference.

Our weekly meetings take place on Tuesdays at 8 PM server in South Gate Outpost. Traditionally, our end week jobs used to take place on a Saturday, but with the fluctuation of everyone's schedules--they can take place any day, however they tend to fall on a weekend. In other words--pay attention to the message of the day and calendar dates!

As of now, we're thinking of ways to churn out ideas for smaller events. They don't have to necessarily be digging based either. Its just to keep the RP flowin'.

If other guilds/people would like to do an event with us, feel free to get in touch with me or one of my officers so we can work something out.

Classes/Races Accepted:
We accept all classes and races, except the smelly Horde, of course. Seeing as how we're not a church, we're not that restrictive as to what personality types can join.

However, if you're the spawn of Sylvanas and Gul'dan or the obvious evil type, its pretty safe to say you won't get hired. The company holds no life insurance, save for our sterling medical staff.

Fresh mea--I mean, Interns:
Provided you've been screened for IC and OOC sanity after your two week trial, and depending on the sub group you've checked off, you'll be assigned a mentor. In other words, if you're under the healing branch, Arryka will be monitoring your progress and will issue work to be completed.

As expected, <Modan Co> does have guild ranks but its not as important as our subgroups. Members are given the opportunity to choose from two specializations. Again, as mentioned, each group is directed under an officer.

Taken from our guild application, since it gives a sweet and short explanation of said groups:

Worker: A worker is one who engages in manual labor and fights when necessary. Physical or magical strength required. Subgroups: Laborer, Brute.

Engineer: The people in charge of technology. Work includes piloting our zeppelin, demolition work, and the invention of items to assist in our archeological work. Subgroups: Demolitionist, Mechanic, Tinker.

Archaeologist: Those involved in making discoveries and finding the relics.

Healer: Those who keep us alive.

Bookworms: The intelligent folk who keep us to the facts, as well as experiment in science. Subgroups: Scientist, Researcher, Lorekeeper.

Activity Policy:
We totally understand real life comes first. If you tell us what's up, you won't be issued a boot. The policy stands if we do not hear a word, you'll be issued a kick when the three month mark is up. You can always send in an application if you're interested in joining again.

I know we're a shiny level 25 guild. We've been around long enough, and trust me, we know a moocher when we see one.

Don't be a jerk and do not troll. We're here to have fun and most of us work/go to school in real life and WoW is one of our ways to chill. The last thing I need is to issue the guild a babysitter. The powers that be know *I* have little patience for that.

Don't get me started on drama. IC is not OOC. If its that much of an issue to the point where you're getting OOCly harassed by someone, come talk to us.

If you're fanning ooc drama deliberately and we get wind of it, I will /gkick you so hard.

Most of us are mature and pretty relaxed. However, it doesn't hurt to slap the rules on.

I want to join. Now what?
Go to our website:


Right under the Applications section and fill out the form given. You'll be contacted ASAP.

For any inquiries, get in touch with us:

GM: Aillde (an altholic so chances are I'm on Ceristhe or Jinnike)
And I simply could not resist:

And thus the dwarven reign of tyranny within the ranks of Modan Co continues.
It is really nice to see your guild recruitment up!
01/15/2013 08:13 PMPosted by Venita
It is really nice to see your guild recruitment up!

Yep, we're still kicking :). Glad to see <Salvation> is too.

@Saigio: You know it'll always be the truth but we have not had a Gnome or Pandaren GM as of yet.

I promise to be good to my minions. Mehehehe!
I don't suppose y'all are looking for a Dark Iron/Titan Expert/Cultist/Noblemen are ya?
01/17/2013 08:09 PMPosted by Kazrador
I don't suppose y'all are looking for a Dark Iron/Titan Expert/Cultist/Noblemen are ya?

I don't see why not. I'm a Titan fangirl myself--have a couple of characters who are obsessed with them xP.

And morning bump!
This just in. Deg smells.

Tonight, <Modan Co> ventures into the misty mountains of Kun Lai.
Good morning, Moon Guard!
Its always a good day to be a Dwarf.
01/19/2013 02:32 PMPosted by Sanaomina
This just in. Deg smells.

well sanas stoopid

Also, morning bump!

Degrasso may soon be holding a workshop on dig site safety, including such topics as:
-How to tell if a decoration on the wall is going to spring to life and attempt to eat your face
-What not to do if your dig team is attacked
-How to avoid having my bad luck: an overview of grummle luckydos
-Who's getting you up if you both fall? Protect The Medic 101

Date and time will be announced. Anyone is welcome to attend!
01/22/2013 09:16 AMPosted by Degrasso
This just in. Deg smells.

well sanas stoopid

Also, morning bump!

Degrasso may soon be holding a workshop on dig site safety, including such topics as:
-How to tell if a decoration on the wall is going to spring to life and attempt to eat your face
-What not to do if your dig team is attacked
-How to avoid having my bad luck: an overview of grummle luckydos
-Who's getting you up if you both fall? Protect The Medic 101

Date and time will be announced. Anyone is welcome to attend!

Will the hamsters be able to come?

And bump, because the server hamster pooted.
Bump for Applying! >.>;
Huzzah for Kaz. We'll get back to you ASAP.

/punts the entire thread.
*instantly logs back on*
Happy Friday, MG!
Oh father, protector of eternal night,
Grant me the whispers my idle heart seeks,
Grant me the strength to follow in your steps.
May the Great Dark Beyond be your rightful throne,
May worlds tremble at your feet.

--A torn out page (Presumably a cult to Sargeras)
Washed up in the sewers of Dalaran.
Bump because I'll get beatings if I don't.
01/28/2013 09:16 AMPosted by Saigio
Bump because I'll get beatings if I don't.

Oh, you always toss up a bubble. They're not that bad!

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