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Kor'Kron Loyalists is once again open for Recruitment.

We are currently seeking those willing to fill several new positions such as. . .

  • Kor'Kron Sappers (Goblins)
    • This new squad is being put together. They still need to choose a matching uniform as well, something the group will need to come up with together !

    We also have older more simple positions such as Orc Grunts. Which receive free armor and weapon from our stockpile. Members who have become Kor'Kron Elites started out as Grunts, members like Regthar.

  • Shaman and Hunters!
  • We have come up with a set of armor that closely resembles Kor'Kron Elite armor but uses MAIL instead of plate. However using this set requires learning Leatherworking up to Burning Crusade level in order to craft 2 important pieces. The rest of the set is VERY simple to get and infact we have a small surplus of it in stock. It isnt required to keep LW but in order to craft the two pieces you would have to learn it which might mean giving up a profession for a short time. The new set looks great once finished and your eyes staring through the small opening in the helmet will inspire as much respect and intimidation as your plate wearing brothers and sisters!

    PLEASE NOTE : We do not turn away Garrosh loyal recruits ! Each member of the guild must choose who they will side with and there is NO WRONG answer. Thrall or Hellscream each member of the guild will still have unique options and roleplay to be part of.

    If you have any questions you can always find me here on Wyrmrest Accords Forums or in game any time on KIETHOO.

    You can also speak to any of my officers, Chukatrok or Mugala.

    WE ALSO OFFER A NON-GUILD GROUP MEMBERSHIP INTO A "CLUB" FOR KOR'KRON / ORGRIMMAR GRUNT ROLEPLAYERS. If you have a Character who roleplays one of these types, and wish to meet others or roleplay with others mail or speak to me and ill fill you in on other roleplayers and the times they play.
    No I do not!
    And we won't until we have something of a big reveal !
    By which I mean I'll get some of my Kor'Kron together for a Photo.
    Until then, stay tuned!

    ...or join the Guild.
    Bump, eventhough I don't RP on Horde because they won't tolerate my cult !@#$.
    My new Guild Formation is Company Shaped.

    My 2 Co-Leaders each will have 4-5 Elite Officers.
    1 - Kor'Kron Elite Officer / 1- Chief Sapper
    3 - Kor'Kron or Grunts Per Elite Officer / 3 Sappers

    Grunts will receive a free set of armor upon joining and being level 42+ to equip it.
    Sappers are still deciding what their Uniforms will look like.
    So ? You know who else was wanted for Treason?

    Just some Ex-Decorated British Officer you may know named George Washington.

    Soon it will be time to Liberate Orgrimmar and the Horde people from its Tyrant !
    Fun time with the Guild tonight trying to finish unlocking our banner of co-op.

    Still need more Sappers and Grunts!

    Bump. I want to find you and slay you. :)
    Bumping for Kor'Kron awesomeness!

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