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After eight years here at Blizzard, from my days on the Technical Support forums as NickJS, to being a part of the community team, I’ve been very blessed to share this experience with all of you. The time has come for that experience to end though, as I’ve decided to head back East, and explore career opportunities outside of Blizzard.

I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of this chapter in my life. I’ll truly miss being one of the many at Blizzard, but as a longtime fan I’ll certainly still be playing alongside you. Cheers, and thanks for all of the memories.
On behalf of the World of Warcraft community, We're going to miss you Brennvin. You were and always will be my favourite Community Manager.

OMG... Can I have your stuff?

Edit: Farewell my friend. We hardly knew you.
Best wishes to you in your future endeavors. And thank you for your hard work. I know you've read some doozies in the forums over the years.

May fortune smile upon thee and the sun always be at your back.
Happy trails.

It's snowing here. You might wish to delay departure a day or so.
Bye, Nick! And welcome back to the East Coast.

Can I have ur stuff?
Always sad to lose yet another blue. Seems like there's so few around these days...

Oh, and tell Eyonix we miss him.
Farewell and best of luck to you! <3
RIP, now divulge all your secrets!!
Best of luck to you, Brenn. hope you have fun with where ever you go to next, but make sure to keep in touch with us Azerothians! We will miss our favorite giant obsidian statue!
Thanks for all your hard work.
Best of luck to you and thank you for all your hard work.
I don't know what I'm going to do without the Arsenals soccer chants being belligerently shouted into my ears at company parties, or the random (and literal!) slaps across the face that would follow. You're truly one of a kind and it's been awesome working with you these past several years.

I'll save the mushier stuff for your Facebook timeline. :p The world is your oyster, buddy! Brennvin is win-win!

Wishing you luck on the search ahead, may you find a new dream that wakes you daily with a smile on your face and a song in your heart and a spring in your step. All the best:)
I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with you - I guess I didn't spend much time on whichever subforum you were responsible for - but I wish you the best of luck.


Can I have your job?

Well farewell then.
As the saying goes... fare thee well.
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