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Sail on space cowboy.
After eight years here at Blizzard, from my days on the Technical Support forums as NickJS, to being a part of the community team, I’ve been very blessed to share this experience with all of you. The time has come for that experience to end though, as I’ve decided to head back East, and explore career opportunities outside of Blizzard.

I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of this chapter in my life. I’ll truly miss being one of the many at Blizzard, but as a longtime fan I’ll certainly still be playing alongside you. Cheers, and thanks for all of the memories.

I don't know this blue poster well enough but this makes me sad. :(

Dude I would love to see ur account I Bet its STACKED. Could u imagine a blizzard toon AFTER 8 YEARS AND UNLIMITED RESOURCES LOLZ.
Best of luck to you, but don't go too far East - job opps royally stink around here these days.
May the force be with you Brenn!
I wish you all the best wherever your path takes you, Brennvin. :)
I don't know what I'm going to do without the Arsenals soccer chants being belligerently shouted into my ears at company parties, or the random (and literal!) slaps across the face that would follow. You're truly one of a kind and it's been awesome working with you these past several years.

I'll save the mushier stuff for your Facebook timeline. :p The world is your oyster, buddy! Brennvin is win-win!


While I am a Manchester United fan, I will sing the Arsenal chant for you if you like Zar. ( as much as I would shame myself in doing so )
Best of luck, Brennvin! While I haven't run into much on here, those few times I do remember I also recall a good sense of humor coming with it.

Take care in the great wild East.
See ya bro! It has been wonderful having you along side us players at the forums for the past few years.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do, you truly were one of the few gems at Blizzard.
Go and follow your dreams man, its been real.
I'll give him 30 days and he'll be back
Wishing you luck with your travels over this way. I live in the southeast and if you happen around my area it has been quite pleasant lately! Either way best of luck to you in all your endeavors and throughout the world of gaming!
Thanks for your hard work at Blizzard and good luck in your future endeavors! Be sure to stay in touch with us wherever you go next! :)

You were an excellent employee for Blizzard and I'm certain your next employer would agree the same!


~ Korlastus
Good luck.
No idea who you are, but that doesn't matter. Good luck in the East.
Very sad to see you go! Thank you for all of your hard work and all of the time and effort you've put into interacting with those of us here on the forums.

All the best in your future endeavors!
Aw man. :(

Good luck in wherever life takes you Brennvin. I hope you find what you need back East and enjoy every minute of it.

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