How Squishy Are Paladins?

My girlfriend heals. A LOT. She's always the healer in my groups. So she's gained a lot of perspective on tanks and their performance and damage taken.

Basically, her order goes a little something like this: Warrior = Druid > Monk > Paladin > ...Death Knight

Ellipses added to express her hatred for DK tanks. Anyway, she's found Protection Paladins to be remarkably vulnerable and I'd REALLY like to play a Paladin. Is there something fundamentally wrong with these Paladins? I once took 1/2 the damage on Will of the Emperor of a Protection Paladin. Is he not using his active mitigation, or what?
how are dks hard to heal, they heal themselves, a lot O.o there is a reason a lot of the world first solo fights are done by a blood dk, hell even solo challenge mode runs.

Paladin tanks are fine to heal. I don't find my self squishy even as my offspec
A lot of DK's are... Well, it's not nice to play up a stereotype but my gal usually finds them taking, as Phreak would put it, "TONS OF DAMAGE." compared to everyone else.
If the tankadin appears to be squishy, they are either;

a) Not very geared/still gearing.
b) Not spec'd optimally/using the right gems, enchants, reforges.
c) Just not taking advantage of our mitigation mechanics such as Seal of Insight/Battle Healer/Sacred Shield.
I have not only a prot warrior but this prot paladin who are both well enough geared to hold their own. Up until I went prot last week on this toon for hardmodes, I was holy and i can easily say that I find her list vastly incorrect.

Warrior > Paladin > Dk > Monk > Druid

theoretically in a raid enviroment the druid is better than the monk (in my opinion) but a paladin is by no means squishy unless they are not keeping up their active mitigation
It's not possible for her list to be incorrect, or correct for that matter. Based on players she's with and those in PuGs, that's how she feels tanks perform.
prot pallys are damn hard to kill IMO
01/18/2013 09:18 AMPosted by Zuiseng
It's not possible for her list to be incorrect, or correct for that matter. Based on players she's with and those in PuGs, that's how she feels tanks perform.

then she must magically run into the most amazing feral druid tanks ever and at the same time run into the worst paladins ever.

just saying
It's funny. On my DK which is 473 ilvl, I can regularly outheal lfr healers. Same with this paladin. Most of my healing on either toon is self healing. I hate druid tanking, tried it while leveling one, and they just suck. Monk tanking, I would put them towards the top if they are good. Don't play a warrior, so can't comment on that.

In terms of squishyness, Druid->Monk->DK=Paladin, IMO.
It's a game with, last time Blizzard made a statement, 10mil+ players in it. It's entirely possible the experience and perception of tank performance may vary as mileage often does.
I've been healing since BC. I've had no problems with Prot Paladins in MoP. I would put them up there close to Wars and DKs. Monks make me work the hardest right now.

IMO some Prot Paladins (or maybe "squishy" tanks in general) go for too much dodge, and not enough active mitigation. They may go for decent periods of taking no to very little damage during a fight, then bad RNG has them take 3 big blows in quick succession. I wonder if this is the general problem I see with Monks? It's much easier to heal through consistent, limited damage, as opposed to sudden, burst damage that wipes the tank in 2 seconds leaving everyone wondering WTF...
This really comes down to how well the tank is playing. You used Will of the Emperor as your example. In that fight, it's imperative that the tank dance properly. Every time you fail the dance, you get an armor reduction debuff (and also stunned if you fail the stomp part). And the bosses hit very hard outside the dance. So if you fail the dance and get several stacks of the debuff, you get hit very, very hard between dances. However, if you do it right and time your active defenses and cooldowns properly between dances, the bosses aren't very threatening.

Since every tank uses active defense systems now, this applies to varying degrees on every fight. A monk that properly times his active defenses can take almost no or actually no damage from Sha of Fear's Thrash. Warriors can negate a good chunk of Lei Shi's damage with Shield Barrier. Things like that. If the tank isn't playing properly, he's going to take a lot more damage than one who is.

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