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When did I say you win traded t2? I'm saying ITS MORE BALANCED.
01/18/2013 04:47 PMPosted by Psyops
Are you saying I wintraded T2? Are you saying that because people wintrade T2 that those who earn it honestly should not be able to acquire it at all ever?

I believe I commented on this before. That yes, it sucks that people who genuinely deserve T2 will no longer be given their shinier weapon and ultimately cheaters will have ruined it for everyone (as usual). But if you're a 2200 player, then even without your T2, you should still be able to succeed in any PvP.
0-95 in eots how can you honestly suck that bad at it.
totally disagree with OP

These pvp changes are so freaking awesome
01/18/2013 04:47 PMPosted by Thryy
It required skill to get to 2200 and get an elite weapon, and it requires skill (some may debate) to get heroic gear in PvE. So if your just handing elite items out after awhile, care to explain why it would be wrong to do the same in PvE?

You went from 0-2400 RBG rating in one day. How much SKILL did you use when you entered your Paypal information for the carry?

Lol, dont act suprised. Look at the friggin' leaderboards bruv.
Oh, shut the hell up with this "welfare" garbage.

Everyone now has race to T2 gear. Perhaps the issue lies less with skill and more with people getting hard from killing others in lower gear. Yes, give those that reach 2200 something, but make it cosmetic. A title, some pretty armor for Xmog, a magic pony that !@#$s cupcakes.

Of course, you can always just admit you don't like the idea because the only thing that saves your %^- is the fact your ilvl equates to your actual ability to PvP.

I love this is so true, people cry over a game like is life. The high horse people ride on must make them feel taller. Let not take the ponies from the napoleons because they wont feel special anymore even if they do win constantly because every one else towers over them.
1) Your local hardcore PvE progression guild runs with the best gear because they require an edge, they always run the new fights undergeared and spend great amounts of consumables during those times where the encounters are harder but eventually becomes easier as they gear up
Your local high ranked team as soon as the new season start they got the edge of gear as well, but the difference is that they don't have to spend as many resources and they are not undergeared(roughly everyone has the same gear there)

Why should having to buy consumables have anything to do with undermining the achievements of skilled pvp players? also with the new mmr system, an early advantage in the season will mean absolutely nothing as a gladiator rated team in the first week will become a duelist by the last week.

01/18/2013 09:49 AMPosted by Fäbre
2) PvE players are under the mercy of RNG, they don't chose what they get or when, they go for about 3-4 more sets of gear during the same time as the PvP players, who only have the restriction of when they get a weapon, but again, everyone running for the top gets a weapon around the same time, so you don't get unbalanced right after

PVP players also have to do deal with RNG drops from world boss', they could purchase a piece of armor only to have it drop the next week by the world boss.

3)The gear your local PvE heroes wear doesn't make the boss hit harder or make the runner-ups wipe twice as much, the biggest difference between the hardcore and semi-hardcore would be the gaps of ilvl
Your local PvP heroes as they reach higher on ladder and the rewards are more accessible for them they'll make the gap widen by completely obliterating their enemies who are also players, the gaps on ilvl that makes PvE a e-peen race on PvP means the constant ramp-up in difficulty and a permanent stall on a lower rating for runner ups

Again gear differences early on in the season will not matter as the MMR inflation will make playing in the final week of the season the only chance of obtaining titles, by the end of the season everybody will have equivilant gear.
To conclude you are missing the point here. Heroic PVE content offers heroic pve gear, and high rated pvp doesnt. If heroic pve didnt offer heroic pve gear nobody would do it, and the same goes for pvp, without real incentive to play at high ratings the ladders will be dead for all but the last week of the season.
01/18/2013 03:13 PMPosted by Bashiok
Totally agree in principle,but I'm not sure we need to keep a hurdle in, and adversely affect the PvP game, just to give people something to shoot for. We'll have a cosmetically different enchant available at 2200 in 5.2, and going along those lines we're looking at what potential future cosmetic rewards we could add for various ratings in the future.
It's called LFR - and it DOES ease how quickly u can get NORMAL which WILL speed up how quickly you get into HEROICS - YES!!!!!!!!! This is how it works now! This is the direction WoW HAS been going for years now! and WELCOME to the ever changing world of an MMOG

This is the New Norm - and its seems VERY popular - and successful - just not to the elitests though of which there are a laughable few :)

and ur example of school is a terrible example taken waaaayyyyy out of context. school vs computer game - NO COMPARISON, 1 costs thousands of dollars and impacts ur life the other DOESNT MATTER

Also dont forget LIKE IDIOTS ALWAYS DO that this isnt the whole story - patch is a ways away there WILL be a tier of loot in between to take away those minor walls and on the whole....u dont know very much except what they intentionally leak
01/18/2013 09:55 AMPosted by Dîzzy
make the reward a cosmetic one, just give 2.2k players something to show for it.

That sounds completely reasonable.
I made a post over in the Arena forum, for anyone that missed it. Might help smooth out some of the discussions forming.

(and quoted a few posts above this one as well! thanks shoshannah)
01/18/2013 06:08 PMPosted by Bashiok
I [url=""]made a post[/url] over in the Arena forum, for anyone that missed it. Might help smooth out some of the discussions forming.

How cosmetic are we talking?

Are we talking subtle changes that you don't know unless you look closely? Or are we talking "AMG POWER TORRENT" levels of flashiness?

I do.

This is a computer game.

I pay the same subscription fee as you.

- The rationale of most of the people in favor of this change. Do you deserve the same GPA as a student who works more diligently than you in university simply because you pay the same amount in tuition as the latter student? Of course not, that is an idiotic assertion.

Even in the realm of WoW, do LFR raiders deserve the same gear as heroic raiders simply because they pay the same subscription fee?

I agree that this is an awful reason to believe you deserve t2, but I think everyone getting t2 eventually is an incredible change for PvP.

PvP should be about skill and strategy. There are already a billion factors that go into deciding an arena match - gear shouldn't be one of them.

I'm probably one of the most overgeared players in PvP at this point and I support this change.
01/18/2013 09:43 AMPosted by Psyops
The discussion was not concluded.

Oh poor baby.

So you are all sad because people who don't have the time to farm 2200 arena rating are going to have the chance at being as strong in PvP as you. Cry more.
I will restate:

Mechanical advantages for better players is a STUPID IDEA, no matter how you twist it. Imagine if in StarCraft, players in higher ratings would get faster resource gather rate? Or players with more wins in chess had an extra Queen? This is retarded, it's antithesis of competition.

Best reply ever, in all fairness PvP gear shouldnt even have stats it should all be vanity and stuf, let only ppls skill be decisive. I dont PvP myself so I dont realy care but PvP in WoW is like F1 racing the pilot who wins every year is the one with the best freaking car, make the cars identical and well have fair competition.
And i am unsubbing. I am not paying for the same game i started to pay for 7 years ago.

Oh well.
if the pve crowd has to have their content and gear trivialize by blizzard pandering to unskilled players so do PvPers.

you now have to relies solely on skill and/or FotM.
cry some more.
yall should have stood up for the pve crowd when they kept nerfing it. now it is your turn.

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